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The Detriment of Victimization

It seems there are 3 levels of the term victim. Most common is the usage of the term for those who have been victimized via crime against their person. Mostly this is physical in nature, such as brutal attacks, rape or even homicide. Naturally, anyone who experiences this is the true definition of a victim. There was no self inflicted wound or ability to stop the end result, thus a victim.

The next levels are more insidious and create personal and sociological problems. This exists in the lack of personal accountability. It refers to victimhood. There are victims of fraud and financial manipulation and there are victims of faulty beliefs. Both of these have commonality and expose those who fall into these quote victimhood’s to self fulfilling prophesy.

The financial victim creates their plight through their own poor financial decision making processes plus their own personal greed. In this case victimization is self inflicted. Of course no one wants to take full accountability for their being manipulated by fraudsters and cons, but with close reflection every victim could recognize where they became a victim. Notice I said became a victim, because none are forced into victimization, they ultimately do so voluntarily unlike the true essences of victimization where there is no choice.

That brings us to the most damaging societal victimhood. This is from the narrative that certain people or groups of people are restricted from success due to oppression or some form of environmental, educational, or societal restrictions. This is more damaging then the natural form of victimization because like a game of telephone it is passed down generationally and creates a societal limitation. This limitation is accepted at birth and without any denial it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. In fact the educational system, political system and local leadership promote the narrative for personal gain. It is this level of victimhood that we all need to eradicate.

How can we eradicate this big lie? Well, the first step is the recognition that our society is a fully independent society. With all the talk about people connecting to one another, the reality is every individual has a mind which is the most powerful gift of life. Each individual has the ability to create their reality through their own independent thought. The problem is that message has been stunted and mostly silenced. Educational system indoctrinates by teaching what to think, not the incredibly powerful HOW to THINK! When people break free from all bondage and limitations it is due to the reflection that they have their own mind and can create their own thoughts establishing their own success. The individual should seek to benefit the other individuals by making all aware of the personal power each possesses. This makes the society greater than the sum of its parts. When the individual takes full control for their life only then can the society reach its fullest potential. No society needs its individuals to conform to a level of mediocrity to help establish a so called stronger society, that is a massive LIE. We live in the richest, wealthiest and most successful nation in the world and yet we have the highest rate of financial illiteracy and an ridiculously unnecessary wealth gap. That gap exists not from greed, but from the message of victimization. The longer one sits in the excuse of being a victim, the longer they continue to manifest poverty, ill health and a total lack of wealth. Its not about a playing field or any other excuse, its all about the totally equal playing field of an individual mind.

So, if you want to break through and reach the levels of success you have always desired, take control of your thoughts and start using the universal laws of cause and effect, sowing and reaping and the law of compensation to your benefit. These laws never change, they are not arbitrary nor do they recognize any person or group of people. These are the laws and they always respond the same, the difference in in the planting of the idea or thought and the allowance of following the law as it always responds. Try it you will be surprised.

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Its Up to YOU!

We hear such cliché’s all the time. If it is to be it is up to me. Well, far too many people give up their control. They tend to believe they are subject to outside forces and simply need to roll with the tide.

Nothing, nothing could be further from the truth, We have FULL control over our destiny. How do I know this? Firstly, the law of cause and effect tells us this. We fully control the cause and have zero control of the effect. Of course we also have the power of adjustment which allows up to create a new cause to alter the effect. But we cannot avoid the effect. Whatever causation we let loose the effect will be distinctly our own consequence. This is why the perception of why do bad things happen to good people is flawed. Bad causes create bad effects regardless of what type of person you are. That’s the clear power of your mind.

Think of your brain as a piece of hardware and your mind has a sub folder hardware known as the subconscious and a software which is known as your conscious. The software in the subconscious is an incredible tape recorder. It takes in all information, verbal, visual, kinesthetic, even olfactory. It saves it all and makes zero judgements such as good or bad, happy or sad, no emotional impact whatsoever. It does however work on autonomic levels to ensure we breathe and have our blood flow etc.. It also desires to provide us with whatever it believes we want.

Here is where the conscious comes into play. We also consciously take in information and sub divide it into emotions and feelings, judgements and even bias. It is therefore quite important what we allow our conscious mind to take in becasue it will be on the master recording of the subconscious without any of the filtering  the conscious completed. And this is where the work and effort comes into play. When we simply allow all negativity to run rampant in our conscious mind we allow our subconscious to believe we desire negativity, failure, pain, misery and even poor health. But if we take control of our mind and create thoughts of abundance and completeness we are rewarded by the subconscious fully imprinting this on all our software.

The takeaway is that YOU must take control over this process and never allow it to run on automated pilot. And so we need coaching to gain the knowledge of how the  process works and how we can master that process in our specific life. Its not complicated becasue it follows the simply universal laws that are laid out for our use. These laws never change and always work the same way. The beauty of the universal laws is they are unconditional and also perfectly consistent. There is no qualifications to apply these laws and they are fully availability to everyone with a mind. (that is everyone)

If you want to change your results, becasue of lack or frustration just give me a call and we can get started on a new pathway to success. Don’t procrastinate as that is a decision, its a decision to make no decision. Nothing will change unless you make the decision to be the change.

Advocacy Network Protection

We have recently crossed the $13M benchmark on the money we have saved members. This is money that would have been lost to a form of financial victimization. This success happens before the victimization. The results of chasing losses after the victimization are extremely poor.

Due Diligence is YOUR best defense against all forms of scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. Our members have access to our due diligence services and an expansive platform of financial literacy education and self development. Combined the value of these 2 concepts help our members build financial independence.

The crisis we have presently faced as a nation creates a fertile breeding grounds for scams, frauds and predatory sales manipulations. The annual average in losses to financial victimization is approx. $250B. Taking into account that only 17% of victims ever report and you can see that there is easily over a $1T lost every year to financial victimization. 2020 will sadly be a record breaking year as the scams directly related to a national crisis have already begun. The IRS has pushed back the filing deadline which extends the window for the fraudulent IRS scams. We can estimate that the losses due to the typical IRS scams will quadruple. This can all be avoided.

Check out our content, becoming a member is pennies a day to fully inoculate and insulate YOU and YOUR family against all forms of financial victimization. And when you become a premium member we will provide Financial Transformation (digital financial literacy education and self development program) which is a $395 value.

As the now often used expression goes What do YOU have to Lose!

Its YOUR money, and only YOU can protect it. We are the shield that makes you a victor and not a victim.

This starts with Personal Financial Literacy

Financial Transformation

I’m very pleased to announce the release of a new financial education course called Financial Transformation. This is a video based course that you can watch in the comfort of home. It will be available 24/7 and help you learn the best strategies for reaching Financial Independence.

We live in the richest nation in the WORLD and sadly we have the highest rate of financial illiteracy in the world. Due to this disconnect only 5% of our population ever riches financial independence. This means 95% end up dead, dead broke or at best financially dependent, which means they rely on family, friends, social networks, institutions, churches and at worst the Government. That’s no way to live and quite frankly its ridiculous that the vast majority of our society shouldn’t attain financial independence based on however an individual defines it.

It’s all about awareness. Learning and understanding what you don’t know, but maybe think you know. We all suffer from a starting point of unawareness, a point we don’t know that/what we don’t know. It’s impossible to know what you don’t know because you are basically unaware that the knowledge even exists. This is where Financial Transformation comes in.

Over 8 Modules with 8 lessons in each module I will walk you through concepts and ideas which will create some AHA moments. I promise and can guarantee that you will find nuggets of information and concepts you have never heard before or even thought about. You will gain a renewed perspective on money, finances, decisions about money and a clear understanding of financial literacy.

This experience is about learning how to be counter-intuitive in your thinking about money. The information generally provided is not meant to help you reach financial independence, its motivation is to keep your money flowing into the hands of the institutional funds and the government. And no its not some conspiracy, its simple economics. Free enterprise and capitalism are the greatest form of independence ever created, this is why we live in the richest nation in the world. Financial literacy is a combination of education and common sense, which you would think has to be a part of a general education. But sadly it has never been part of your education experience unless of course you were a finance major in college and even then some basic financial literacy might have been dismissed.

You owe it yourself and your family to attain financial independence and this course will provide you with the tools and concepts to accomplish this. Here is a brief introduction which includes a sample financial literacy lesson.

Financial Transformation Intro

Selling the Goose!

We all heard about the goose who laid the golden eggs when we were children. This fairy tale has a strong moral for financial victimization. In fact it can be the key to unlocking many scams and frauds long before you lose your money.

A goose who could produce eggs made of gold on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annually would be quite a valuable asset. This asset is even more valuable because it also creates ongoing cash flow (golden eggs). So the capital appreciation value of this asset is strictly a retention based value, in other words there would never be a consideration to sell this asset outright. Why would you? The continuous flow of golden eggs makes this an asset that one would never seek to sell unless the acquisition price was 1000’s of times the value of the eggs.

Ok, so what does this have to do with the usual suspects of scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics? Well, let’s start by looking below at some verbiage in a recent email. (It makes no difference what is the core product in the offer, its the offer that consistently ply the identical fallacy at it’s core. Here is some copy from the email:


Today, is unfortunately your LAST

chance to Claim your license for

CryptoSuite ..

Trust me, nothing like this

in the marketplace as a whole,

and never will be…


– starting from scratch

– were making profits from day 1

and earning upwards of 6 figures

per month?

WITHOUT websites, traffic, lists, products … or even customers?

Risk is eliminated because this brand

new software shows you what do and
exactly when to do it.

Put one dollar in and in some cases take over $100 out …
With this software suite that shows you from A-Z how to become a highly profitable crypto investor … or DOUBLE your m.oney back.

Do you see the problem here? Just as with the so called algorithm based software that will help you become an overnight trader, or options wizard, maybe even a tax lien guru or possibly a can’t lose Forex master. If any of these systems truly worked and could produce what they tout, they all would be a GOOSE that lays GOLDEN EGGS. So why would anyone sell the GOOSE? I will answer that for you, just as the goose these magic software’s are fairy tales, that’s why. Profitable software is an asset which can produce continuous cash flow and thus would never be available for sale. Possibly the trade info could be sold but even that would cause potential loss of cash flow and thus there would be little purpose in selling the information either. (Trading is based upon volume and pressure thus the more people on the same side of any trade causes reduced profit)

Today’s tip is always ask yourself if the offer you are looking at is selling a GOOSE and if it is, you can bet it’s a scam. Remember scams are not always illegal or illicit, many times they are simply valueless offers which provide nothing in return for your money. PS double money back offers are of little value when providers make it impossible to get your money back or they go out of business.

Is Credit Repair Illegal

It is important that YOU have the right information at the right time for the right reason. Credit repair is a great financial fitness tool when you are able to use it properly. Unfortunately, many credit repair companies try to snare consumers by offering credit repair through illegal or unethical tactics. … The Credit Repair Organizations Act (“CROA”) is a federal law that protects consumers from unfair and deceptive practices by credit repair organizations.

What is the Credit Repair Organizations Act? The Credit Repair Organizations Act (“CROA”) is Title IV of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Despite its name, it is not actually an act; Section 401 states, however, it can be referred to as “Credit Repair Organizations Act”. This clearly identifies and acknowledges what can and can’t be done in credit repair.

Does it work? A good amount can actually effect your credit, so if you believe there are errors in your credit report, you can benefit from one of the best credit repair companies correcting those errors for you. … This is a loophole that credit repair services will use to raise your score.

You can do this yourself as well. What you need to understand and know if you are going to do it yourself is

  1. Have a full understanding of the law and be able to write your letters properly.
  2. Take the time to do the proper due diligence and research what letters are used.
  3. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.

Now, a do it yourself effort also has many unfortunate pitfalls. Firstly, you must know what type of information on your credit record is causing any potential damage. You must write the letters per the law and make sure to reference the law. The credit bureaus easily identify good letters from time wasters. The other consideration you must undertake is the value of your own personal time. Are you worth $20, 50, 100 per hour, if so how much will it truly cost you to do it yourself?

The most efficient differentiator in choosing a credit repair service is to identify the most reasonable and average costs involved in successfully repairing your credit. Beware the large ticket services, as this process is not a massively expensive or time consuming process. Therefore the first sign of a scam is exorbitant fees. This process is mostly letter writing and cut and paste elements. Of course experience counts for much, so a service that has a long successful track record is ideal. New players, self-constructed web portals are simply potential scammers who have paid a generic service to provide web based templates and sites. The law is very clear, upfront fees are illegal other than a few key exemptions

  1. Law firm / Lawyers are exempted
  2. 501C3 Non-Profit organizations which provide credit repair services are exempted.

In conclusion, credit repair can make a huge difference in your financial fitness as your credit is a foundational financial tool which can dramatically impact your ability to become financially independent. Speak with a specialist before determining what is your best option. Of course that includes doing it yourself. Lastly, do your due diligence regardless of what process you decide to use. Due diligence is key whether you do it yourself or you choose an outside service. Your credit record is a complex vehicle which is pieced together through a very opaque formula. The credit bureaus are overwhelmed with a potential database of 250m+ people. There are going to be a percentage of mistakes and the only one who can assure your record is in proper condition is YOU. There is no process the credit bureaus  have that identifies mistakes and correct them for you, it’s your record and your responsibility. Always, always remember the key of any smart decision about money is DUE DILIGENCE. Proper due diligence is Full Disclosure, Total legal and regulatory compliance and Clear transparency. Any service, investment, purchasing decision that passes through these 3 lenses successful is most likely a smart decision about money.


As we enter 2018 scams and fraud are already off to a fast start. The new threat is digital and it’s growing exponentially. The Advocacy Network is a member of the ACFE (Association Certified Fraud Examiners), and in this month’s fraud newsletter there is an article “Fraudulent Scams expected to rocket in 2018” Robots, ransomware and criminals are getting smarter. In 2017 approx. 2 million online fraud incidents were reported in 2017, according to new data. Only 20% of crimes are actually reported so these numbers could simply be the tip of the iceberg.

It goes on to discuss how we will be scammed by robots. Not the robots from Sci-Fi but the AI bots who roam the web. It seems the opinion is we will see more “phishing” attacks that rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence) over the next 12 months. Threat-actors will harness AI technology to launch sophisticated, automated campaigns. The proof seems to show itself in the fact that in 2017 Equifax, SEC and NSA were all breached. The bottom line is YOUR identity has never been more transparently available. It’s almost like you walk around with all your personal information printed on your forehead for all to see.

I am providing you with a link to a great one stop guide on how to detect phishing emails and keep your inbox protected. Just follow this link to that guide and keep it for future reference, send it to your closest friends as well. 

Can you imagine a piece of malware that can train itself on your writing style and how it differs based upon who you are contacting, then leverages this nuanced understanding to send tailored, contextually relevant messages to your contacts. Cybersecurity professionals warn they expect the use of social media bots will expand beyond public influence campaigns to financial gain, automatically distributing malware, linking to spam sites, phishing and more. As these bots evolve, they will become less distinguishable from humans, increasing both their influence and effectiveness.

Fraudsters will use news and fake news to get our attention

The spread of fake news via email and social media has grown exponentially and now the crooks will be monetizing it.

Scams exploit a person’s emotions as opposed to their logic and rational thinking, tugging at a person’s heartstrings by tempting them with salacious and financially beneficial material. This fake news epidemic is going to get much worse so it is important to be aware of the efforts. What they look like, what they sound like, what the motivations are, all of this info is vitally important for your protection.

Poorly protected businesses will aid scammers. Many small businesses do not have the financial wherewithal to completely protect their information. Small banks, (well even BIG banks as is seen by the hacks of some major financial institutions) especially merchant banking services are poorly protected. The scammers and fraudsters are well aware of this and they have become more sophisticated in technological advances.

The bottom line is awareness and that is what we provide. The Advocacy Network will keep providing you the most up to date and fully vetted information. You must beware that there are also scams in which the fraudsters will attempt to education you on their scams and be sucking you into their scams. It’s truly a very deep pool and the players keep changing their rules to stay ahead of law enforcement and government agencies. When the so called major government agencies are victimized how can you feel any sense of safety?

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR ONLY Concern!

Credit Scams

The most important part of our financial lives is the credit record. The Banks and financial institutions control us through our credit record. Sadly, the incidence of financial illiteracy that exists in our nation is the core problem. The existing problem with debt is directly related to financial illiteracy. The solution is education, but that education has to be simple and easy. People want an easy button but the financial services industry and the banks, lenders and securities industry doesn’t want to provide any education and they certainly don’t want to provide a solution.

As a nation we have been educated to believe in the securities industry, the message is how mutual funds are the best place to put your retirement savings. The risk and reward of such is never exposed, it’s always somehow a safe investment. Yet the market is speculative, all speculative investments carry the highest level of risk. Any other persistent storyline is simply untrue. Yet the world of ERISA (qualified retirement plans) such as 401k’s IRA’s etc are all fully invested in speculative investments which carry exorbitant hidden expenses. Those are always opaque and you never know how much you are losing in potential gain due to expenses and fees. That’s how the banks and financial institutions make out like bandits. They take zero risk with their money and earn billions on the speculative investments of the middle class along with the huge amounts of interest payments from debt which is stealing the middle classes opportunity for financial independence.

If this is hard to believe, just look at the facts: 95% of everyone who reaches 65 or older ends up dead, dead broke or financially dependent at best. This 95% has been the same for almost 100 years now. It hasn’t changed because we are taught to accept it. Go to school, get a good education, that leads to a good job which you spend 30+ years and retire with a gold watch, pension and then you ride off into the sunset. This was never true, it was always a fantasy based upon the statistical truth of how many people end up financially dependent.

Today, there is $8T+ in mortgage debt, $4T+ in auto financing debt, $2T+ in student loan debt and a whopping $875M in credit card debt. Look at those numbers, and then go ask 10 people which of the 4 has more debt outstanding. Is there more mortgage debt, auto loans, student debt or credit card debt. Most people would guess mortgages were #1 but they would be way off on the other 3.  In fact people would greatly over estimate credit card debt becasue they sense that is their #1 problem. Financial wellness is attained through financial literacy education and some systematic approach to build a financial game plan. That game plan needs to be built around the reduction of debt and the improvement and consistent health of a credit record. Then the risk management needs such as Home, auto, Life insurance and then the consideration of wealth accumulation. The reduction of debt stops the loss of money running out the window in the form of interest payments. Those future dollars then can be used to earn interest for wealth accumulation.

This type of financial planning is especially necessary for the forgotten middle class. Those families earning $50 -175K can attain financial independence. They are not going to reach it without education and a systematic approach. A new paradigm in financial planning.

This is what the Advocacy Network does. We work with the middle class by creating awareness, providing financial literacy education and helping people attain financial independence. Our financial concierges are all trained and professionally developed to provide a simple and easy financial game plan for the middle class client. We provide the type of services that are missing in this market place. While the financial services industry chases the high net worth clients we can provide the basic fundamentals for the middle class. The potential for financial independence is available to every American, regardless of class, gender, education, family wealth, social circle or any other supposed need for such independence. It’s all about money and making smart decisions with money, most Americans waste well over 60-70% of the dollars they earn or obtain via other sources. This is a simple lack of fundamental truths about money. It’s a lack of awareness of the 3 dimensions of life (Past, Present and Future) we all have past YOU, present YOU and future YOU. Each has money flowing through their hands and the pathway to financial independence is the complete awareness of how money and time forge together. That is what our workshops are all about.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR ONLY Concern!

FES Protection Plan

In the climate of today’s financial environment, there exists a great deal of financial victimization. Many times the very professionals who are responsible for making the public aware and helping them with financial decisions are the very ones perpetrating victimization against the very people they should be serving. Of course I will submit that this represents a small minority of financial services professionals yet even that number creates a great deal of pain and financial misery.We presently live in the richest nation and society in the world. Many believe we are the wealthiest society in the world civilization history, of course that is open to debate. Yet, we at the same time have the highest rate of financial illiteracy in the world as well. This has led to a very specific condition which is 95% of all people reaching age 65 and older end up at best financially dependent. That means they are fully reliant on family, friends, social circles, agencies, organizations, churches and at the worst the US government for a portion of their financial needs. NO financial independence which usually equates to no independence.

Two of the greatest financial victimizations that contribute to this dilemma are AMORTIZATION and Credit illiteracy. These two work hand in hand and both have their foundation in financial literacy. Awareness of debt and how to use it properly is one major financial hurdle for all Americans.
The following is from Financial Services Education:

The Biggest Problem in America….Financial Illiteracy

Today, more than ever before, we live in uncertain economic times and the way we do business is changing rapidly. It’s evident that we as individuals must take complete control and responsibility for being better prepared to handle our personal credit rating, financial position and our family affairs. Unfortunately, as youngsters the majority of us were not provided the or essential tools to understand the importance of a credit score or how valuable that credit score would be to accomplish just about anything. At the same time, how many classes did we have on limiting and managing our debt or the significance of protecting our identity, assets and family? Concerning, isn’t it?

Did Your Know:
Over the course of your lifetime, having less than excellent credit can cost you upwards of $1,000,000 in substantially higher interest rates, fees and other unnecessary charges?

Currently, 4 of 5 credit reports have errors on them, causing lower credit scores?

Over 49 million people have a 599 credit score or lower?

Simply put it doesn’t have to be this way, there are solutions and those steps allow individuals to get on the pathway to financial independence. The average American household debt exceeds $225,000 and those same households have less than $500 in savings. The real cause is that debt represents dollars from future you, in the form of unearned income. The penalty on that debt is called interest and those interest payments are further loss of future dollars leaving future you with no dollars to put to work with compound interest. Thus you are compounding losses and the continuation exhausts the time you have to accumulate wealth. Thus debt reduction and the best credit record along with proper use of leverage through debt is how to become financially independent.

AT the Advocacy Network we have strategically aligned with Financial Education Services who has established the perfect solution. This is the FES protection plan which will be the foundation of building your financial independence.

Watch the video   Learn about FES

and then visit

FES Protection Plan  or pick up the phone and call me Karl Schilling 321-947-3220

The Damage of Compounding Losses

The depth of Financial Victimization includes scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. There is still a great and vast lack of consideration in the marketplace as to truths about financial victimization. It is truly the elephant in the room which is ignored by the public, the media, law enforcement and the financial services industry as a whole. In fact the financial services industry is totally disconnected by their own concepts that financial literacy should begin at home. If the financial services industry takes no responsibility for financial literacy education who exactly will?

So, the two most prevalent cause of financial victimization are lack of awareness and financial illiteracy. Until these two obstacles are overcome the numbers of victims will continue to grow each year. Presently all forms of financial victimization account for $250B+ in annual losses. That’s a GREAT deal of money being lost by mostly people who cannot afford such losses. It is also not a victimless crime and is quite often portrayed in media and entertainment. Suicide is very often a direct result of financial victimization. That is hardly victimless. There is a level of anger, shame, guilt and pain that is experienced by victims.

Yet, with all the illicit financial victimization there is another form that is totally legal and perpetrated against the average American. This financial victimization is known as AMORTIZATION. Every homeowner is a victim, as are automobile owners, student loans and credit cards. All are forms of amortized payments which are nothing other than the spending of future unearned dollars. This is much like the unfunded future liabilities of the government. Now, let’s be clear I’m not preaching against debt, in fact I believe debt or leverage is a tremendous financial tool. It allows us to create the lifestyle and life experience we enjoy in the present, by bringing forward dollars we have yet to earn. The cost for that is interest. Thus interest payments are also payments of future dollars and as such it is compounding losses. These future dollars paid in interest are never recovered and never used for your own personal wealth accumulation.

The best solution is to pay the least amount of interest possible. We all have to pay back some interest because that is the cost of debt, yet we certainly don’t have to pay as much interest as the banks, and other lenders target through amortization tables. In order to stop future losses which are compounded through amortization, you must have the mathematical ability to understand the best use of every dollar that passes through your household. By closing all the cracks and filling all the holes in your finances you have the opportunity to create future wealth of $1.5M or more. How would you like to have $1.5M or so when the 4th Qtr of life appears. Look, the odds are stacked against you. Why? Well, did you know that 95% of everyone who reaches 65 and older is either dead, dead broke or at best financially dependent on family, friends or at worse government. Only 5% attain financial independence.

If you truly wish to tilt the odds in your favor you need to rely on the Prospio Leveraged Banking system. This is the first step to achieving financial independence. Here at the Advocacy Network we have created the complete cycle of financial solutions which will get you into the 5%. Isn’t that worth your attention and 45 minutes of your time? Kindly watch this brief preview and then go to watch the testimonials to see how people just like you have enjoyed great benefits, then complete the calculator to get an idea of how much you and your family will benefit and then attend a webinar to learn exactly how the system works.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR ONLY Concern!