Our New Paradigm Producer Group platform is a unique sales and marketing group for Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers and Sales agents, Mortgage Brokers and Tax Preparers. We provide sales training , coaching and unique financial services strategic alliances for our Financial Concierges:

As a Financial Concierge you will be fully differentiated from all competition. The sales industries we support are all filled with white noise and incredibly amounts of confusion. These industries have 90% and more of the sales production done by 10% or less of the sales volume. YOU need separation if you are going to SUCCEED. The Advocacy Network creates that separation.

Our Financial Concierges enjoy 3 LEVELS of income:




This means they grow their business exponentially and enjoy financial independence all through one simply message: YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern! Thus your focus on helping people become financially independent is what creates YOUR financial Independence.

*For Real Estate Sales Pro’s we have the only AGENT OWNED CLOUD Brokerage opportunity in the industry. When you become an eXp agent through us you enjoy exceptional value added sales training and coaching that is unavailable anywhere else. 

Check out the eXp presentation: