Our Financial Concierge Producer Group platform is a unique sales and marketing group for Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers and Sales agents, Mortgage Brokers and Tax Preparers. We provide sales training , coaching and unique financial services strategic alliances for our Financial Concierges:

As a Financial Concierge you will be fully differentiated from all competition. The sales industries we support are all filled with white noise and incredibly amounts of confusion. These industries have 90% and more of the sales production done by 10% or less of the sales volume. YOU need separation if you are going to SUCCEED. The Advocacy Network creates that separation.

Our Financial Concierges enjoy 3 LEVELS of income:




This means they grow their business exponentially and enjoy financial independence all through one simply message: YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern! Thus your focus on helping people become financially independent is what creates YOUR financial Independence.

*We have now created a Real Estate Referral Network. This is a unique relationship bridge for Financial Concierges to open doors with. This is a simple referral which can help you provide unique value.