Why advocacy?

Financial victimization is epidemic. It impacts all classes.

Are there any demographics or classes especially at risk?

Financial victimization is especially damaging to the middle class and what is deemed to be the mass affluent. These are people who are most targeted and easiest to penetrate.

Why is financial victimization so prevalent today?

There is more white noise today than ever before which is especially dangerous as more and more people have a platform to speak from as authorities. This leads to a wealth of mis-information and occasionally total lies.

What are some of the most damaging contributors to financial victimization?

The greatest impact is the explosion of social media and the internet communication portals. These outreaches have provided conmen and fraudsters a large available platform to create victims from. One of the most common techniques used by conmen is the Power of Authority.

Why is the Advocacy Network different and how will it protect me?

The Advocacy Network is the only fully proactive organization and process created for protection against financial victimization. We will provide you with the most effective and efficient educational content, materials, workshops and webinars. Our research is shared openly and precisely geared to inoculate and insulate you against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. Through our interactive “Startegy” process we help you identify all of your financial planning needs and also the behavior traits that have exposed you to the potential for victimization. We help you create a fully DIY (do it yourself) process that will assure you make smart decisions about money.