Every day we are surprised by the latest form of financial victimization. We are constantly exposed to internet fraud, identity theft, investment fraud and ongoing active grifter campaigns geared to victimize individuals. The facts are grim as the reality displays and epidemic of financial victimization. The research numbers say there is $40-50B annually lost to financial scams and fraud. This doesn’t include predatory sales tactics that victimize individuals into making poor financial decisions about their retirement, investments and risk management needs.

Even more frightening is the researchers say that less than 17% of identified victims actually file a report and the $40-50B number is only based upon those who have reported. The statistical possibility suggests the real number for annual losses is in excess of $100B. While this epidemic is surely concerning the most prevalent financial victimization is the manipulation perpetrated upon every American tax paying citizen. This financial victimization goes fully unreported and totally accepted.

So how does this financial victimization take place? This answer requires some historical research to underpin the foundation of the fraud. While we could go back into the beginning of world civilization to help forward this story we simply don’t have the time or space to provide that narrative. I would however suggest that you do some reading and investigate the world civilization history of such issues as fiat currency, precious metals and land. Once you gain some basic knowledge in these areas you will be able to see a clear picture as to why the U.S. stands at the precipice of world civilization history.

Let’s start with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This concept was started with a secret meeting on Jekyll Island Georgia somewhere around 1908. A meeting took place with the most powerful industrial magnets and a U.S. Senator for the purpose of creating the Federal Reserve.

This act was truly the legalization of counterfeiting for the U.S. government. I truly believe that the government needed to create a straw man organization to proffer their counterfeiting and the Federal Reserve Bank or a central bank created to print money was the perfect answer. So, the central bank was created and they were given the power to print currency. At this point everyone needs to do some personal research as this is truly a simple primer or summary of the moving parts involved in this fraud and Ponzi scheme. (Truth be known is that Charles Ponzi most likely create his scheme from the remnants of what he determined was going on with the U.S. government, thus is use of the postage stamp as an so called investment).

To maximize the value of valueless currency the government still needed to get beyond the monetary platform of gold backing the currency. The solution to this was fractionalized banking which allowed the banks to simply maintain a legislated reserve and use the power of leverage to spread the development of counterfeit currency. The big picture goes something like this:

The Federal Reserve creates currency by printing valueless paper commonly referred to as fiat currency. They then lend the currency to the U.S. government who in return provides a bond or promise to pay. The government is then required to pay interest on the loaned currency. Of course that interest is paid with more of the valueless currency created by the printers. Now the government spends value they do not own and provide global banks and central banks with their promises to pay and due to reputation everyone feels confident with the good faith and backing of the U.S. government. This goes on and on.

Coincidental to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the enacting of the 16th amendment which created the ability to tax income of the U.S. citizens. The true reason for the income tax was to get the currency needed to pay the interest on the counterfeited currency from the Federal Reserve. Is this starting to become clear to you?

This activity is one of the great precipitators of the stock market collapse and oncoming depression through the 1930’s. (For more on this you need to research booms and busts and the Advocacy Network can provide you with a comprehensive reading list to research).

By following history you can easily recognize the trends and become counter-intuitively prepared to benefit from the trends that always end the same. Please understand that modern day career politicians are simply trying the same identical strategy that has historically failed epically and expecting different results, just as all their predecessors have done. PS this doesn’t simply cover the U.S. this encapsulates the great empires of world civilization as well. They have all fallen victim to the same greed driven economic theory of fiat. It has never worked and will never work as it is simply against all the tenets of universal law. The laws of cause and effect and sowing and reaping cannot be altered or deferred. They are as ever present as gravity and we all know how incredibly ignorant it would be to attempt to somehow defeat gravity. Fiat is the same flaw that can never be superseded or defeated. So every attempt to defy the laws of money and value and replace them with currency and counterfeiting has ended in folly. Sadly our career politicians refuse to learn the lessons of history and would rather continue doing the same things while expecting different results. I would like to remind you that some of the greatest minds of all time and our time are part of this sad pursuit of insanity.

Now that the Federal Reserve is the legal counterfeiter of the land, how does their efforts impact you and make you a financial victim? Great question and once again it is not a simple answer but it is an easy answer. The answer is inflation, hyperinflation, and deflation. These are all manipulations from the consequences of counterfeiting (there is a legitimate reason that counterfeiting is illegal in a fiat economy). The mechanics of this is simple terms work thusly:

The Fed prints (counterfeits) currency out of thin air with no value proposition to back it. They then lend the money to the government who issues bonds (promise to pay with more worthless currency) who then agrees to pay back with interest (more valueless currency). The currency then is lent to banks who lend it to the public, but the banks due to the fractionalized banking system get to print more worthless currency through leveraging their reserves. Thus the currency which is commonly referred to as M1 spreads throughout the society. Now based upon how much currency is available the marketplace is then able to set prices and then the biggest issue is the velocity of the currency commonly referred to as M3. When the velocity slows it means people are not spending, possibly they are saving which is always bad for the economy. When velocity slows prices increase and inflation is the result. But the government can’t slow their own spending so they need to borrow more currency which is created by the Fed out of thin air. This new currency steals the perceived value of the existing currency (this is easy to understand, as the currency grows the value of the currency decreases). Now, that new currency devalues the existing currency and so the dollars in your pocket buy less than they previously did, also due to the fact that the influx of new currency has an upward impact on the price of goods and services. When the velocity of money slows and the creating of currency grows the end result is hyperinflation.

So the government continually determines how much your money is worth. They do this by counterfeiting currency and controlling pricing in the so called free market place. The end result to you is a diminishing value of the purchasing power of your currency. The truth is no matter how much currency you collect the value is ever decreasing and you are not growing, but you are having to earn more to purchase the same amount as you previously could. This is a financial victimization. There is little doubt that citizens across the world are all being victimized by governments that are instituted to protect those very people.

The best way to protect yourself and take back the value in the end game, is to understand that fiat always revalues metals and land. These two hard assets always win in the end game of all fiat economies. The dark side of fiat is the governmental solution in a totalitarian end game. When the wealth (perceived in the form of currency) is in the hands of the so called 1% they need to protect the movement of revaluation. The most devious solution comes in the form of a totalitarian government which is simply a marriage of the career politicians who have gained a great deal of wealth with the most wealthy of the society. This marriage creates the needed vacuum to confiscate the hard assets that are spread across the society. The governmental forms of communism and other like ideologies are all totalitarian by design so whatever true wealth is spread around a fiat economy can be successful confiscated and stay in the hands of the powerful elitists. This again has a long historical trend to follow and it always ends in the same failed end of the ongoing cycle. Sadly the U.S. has grown to the point we face the abyss of fiat failure. You can witness the designs of a totalitarian movement which is selling the poor on the value of government subsidies and reliance.

The major difference for the United States is the wonder of a document which highly perceptive men were able to produce in attempt to stop the vicious cycle of greed and power. This document created a republic which could be expanded into democracy while still maintaining the great benefits of the republic otherwise known as liberty. You see democracy wasn’t new, the balance of independence, liberty and democracy was the new creation. This is what our constitution created. Unlike any other constitution in the world ours was written to break the cycle of fiat development for greed and power. It also was created to ensure that the government was always at the service and mercy of the people who in the pursuit of freedom would follow the laws of the land but never become victims to any form of government which limited the independence and liberty of the people. This is the uniqueness of America. This has everything to do with you now being a financial victim of an oppressive government who no longer is concerned with the independence and liberty of its people.

Financial literacy is at the core of understanding how the constitution benefits you individually as well and societally. Financial independence allows you to separate from any and all types of victimization. The pursuit of fiat isn’t true wealth and it won’t protect you from an onslaught from a victimizing government. In order to maintain true independence you need to understand the difference between money and currency. The difference between real value and perceived value. You need to be aware of the normalcy bias and how it affects you. We live in times that have been historically documented before and have failed miserably. We do however live in a society that has the great opportunity to break the civilization trends that end in the cycle of folly. We have at our fingertips a strategic plan that was created through a loving relationship with a living God. A faithful pursuit of the winning strategy can protect you and your loved ones from the suffrage that will come with conformity and complacency.

The Advocacy Network is strategically designed to inoculate and insulate you and your family from scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. We are also committed to truth and the exposure of false mythical promotions that will land you in the abyss of folly. Why chase the cycle that has never succeeded? A cycle that is viciously committed to development of a victim driven society.

We believe that a victimless society isn’t only possible it is the answer. Our educational content, materials, workshops and communications will not only protect you from financial victimization but will provide you with solutions. Those solutions are for your wealth development and the ability to create, maintain and keep the wealth you so richly earned. No one is going to steal your wealth while the Advocacy Network is on the job.

Make us your financial concierge and inoculate and insulate yourself against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. How would it feel to know you always make smart decisions about money?

Our promise is simple: Your Best Interest is Our Only Concern.

Karl Schilling