The Advocacy NetworkDANGER ALERT The GREATEST Financial RISK you and your family face is that of Financial Victimization. Each year 100’s of BILLIONS of dollars are lost through financial victimization.

Alert: The greatest financial victimization risk today is AMORTIZATION. 95% of all Americans are being robbed of their opportunity for financial independence, only 5% of our population reach the rarified air of FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. On average the financial loss due to AMORTIZATION is $108,000. That is money you will never realize the benefit of compound interest with, that loss is never recognized but it clearly is the guarantee for NEVER reaching financial independence.

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The mindset of abundance is a learned habit. All our limitations are self inflicted and the breakout is through our own mind. Learning how to use it for our greatest purpose. John Kehoe in his classic work Mind Power for the 21st Century put it his way. “Your mind creates your reality. You can choose to believe this or not. You can be conscious of it and set your mind working for you, or you can ignore it and allow it to work in ways that will hinder and hold you back. But your mind will always and forever be creating your reality. 

Mindfulness training is a full scope coaching platform for the individual seeking to maximize their full potential. 

You also have at your demand many virtual and interactive segments. These include monthly webinars, hotspots with insider information about the financial services industry, sales training and performance coaching for members in those industries, hotspots for small business owners with topics such as exit strategies, succession planning, marketing and sales planning, and even a business brokerage for the sale and purchase of small businesses. And in order to make the journey to financial independence available for the Middle Class we have added Financial Transformation Services, no predatory nonsense, just effective services. (Included in Premium Membership)





Our mission is to provide a dashboard of tools and concepts that will continually keep our members up to date with the entire universe of economic and financial change as it occurs. We do not believe in knee jerk reactionary based decision making processes. Our focus is on a counter-intuitive based philosophy to making smart decisions about money.