Why Advocacy?

The Advocacy Network inoculates and insulates investors, consumers and businesses against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics.

why You need an Advocate

 An Advocate is one who speaks for another and is only concerned with the best interest of their client. The Advocate is 100% non-biased with zero conflicts of interest.

What is Advocacy?

Learn the Psychological Triggers that cause investors and consumers to become victims



 The Advocacy Network

 The Advocacy Network is a platform which blends education, information and premium services that prevent investors, consumers and businesses from becoming victims to scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. We save time, money and the emotional pain of victimization. The Advocacy Network investment protection services due diligence services through The Advocacy Network advocacy membership.

The Advocacy Network Advocacy Membership


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 Smart Decisions about Money is the Advocacy Network's educational and editorial platform for all members. Here we provide white papers, newsletters, webinars and video content  that provides our members with the information and advice that will inoculate and insulate them from scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. Our work is totally preventative in nature, our goal is to prevent all members from victimization. To date The Advocacy Network has saved members in excess of $4.0M.


smart decisions about money

Smart Decisions about Money is a 1hr radio platform that provides you with up to date financial information that will enhance your ability to make smart decisions about money. Email your questions today