Scam and Fraud Alert

Kindly BEWARE of the Jamaican Lottery scam. We are witnessing many new victims who have lost large sums of money to this process. Here is the best ways to protect yourself from this risk:

1. Do Not provide your physical mailing address, phone number in any email offerings or direct mail offerings. (The lists that are created for lottery scams and other such fraudulent offers are created by the very simple process of providing this information. These lists are commonly referred to as “sucker lists”).

2. YOU can never win a contest or lottery that YOU have not entered. Let’s repeat, the only contests that have any legitimacy are those you actively register for and participate in. (This means you need to be very selective and complete due diligence on any Contest offers you may receive).

3. This lottery and contest scam is ALWAYS promoted via the telephone and email. They will always ask you pay a fee for some contractual need to release funds to you. This is ALWAYS a lie, not sometimes, ALWAYS! You will never receive any money from any Lottery or Contest offers via the telephone or email.

4. All Advocacy Members are able to use us as YOUR buffer for these types of offers. ALWAYS call US first!


The Advocacy NetworkDANGER ALERT The GREATEST Financial RISK you and your family face is that of Financial Victimization. Each year 100’s of BILLIONS of dollars are lost through financial victimization.

Alert: The greatest financial victimization risk today is AMORTIZATION. 95% of all Americans are being robbed of their opportunity for financial independence, only 5% of our population reach the rarified air of FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. On average the financial loss due to AMORTIZATION is $108,000. That is money you will never realize the benefit of compound interest with, that loss is never recognized but it clearly is the guarantee for NEVER reaching financial independence.

By subscribing to the Advocacy Network Virtual Campus, you will learn how to attain financial independence and make smart decisions about money! 

Open the doorway to Financial Independence

We also provide a full financial planning process called Startegy which coaches and trains you on how to create, develop and follow through on your own financial plan. This will save you a substantial amount of money every year.

You also have at your demand many virtual and interactive segments. These include monthly webinars, hotspots with insider information about the financial services industry, sales training and coaching for members in those industries, hotspots for small business owners with topics such as exit strategies, succession planning, marketing and sales planning, and even a business brokerage for the sale and purchase of small businesses. And in order to make the journey to financial independence available for the Middle Class we have added Financial Transformation Services, no predatory nonsense, just effective services. (Included in Premium Membership)

As a member of the Advocacy Network you will also be provided alerts on the most prevalent and common scams and frauds as they are exposed. Our mission is to help you be fully protected against any and all financial victimization. This is a process and as a member you need to participate in your protection by taking advantage of the many tools and educational content we provide you with.


Have you ever felt the pain, anger, shame and guilt of being financially victimized?



Our mission is to provide a dashboard of tools and concepts that will continually keep our members up to date with the entire universe of economic and financial change as it occurs. We do not believe in knee jerk reactionary based decision making processes. Our focus is on a counter-intuitive based philosophy to making smart decisions about money.