Why is Financial Victimization such a major Threat?

With all the white noise about finances and the economy you are bombarded with information. Much of this is sadly mis-information and it is promoted through radio show talk hosts, financial media such as popular magazines and periodicals. The authors of this material have ulterior motives in their work product. Many are misdirecting the public for their own financial gain through pump and dump activities in the stock market, others are motivated by advertising payouts. Many times the advertisers are the promoters.

The risk of financial victimization is the most pressing risk facing each and every American today. And yet it is never discussed or written about. It is not by coincidence that this pressing risk is basically kept secret. First if the public were totally aware of the fiscal policy within the government and the role of the Federal reserve in such matters there would be panic and that of course would create a collapse of the entire brittle system. Therefore the best solution to keeping people unaware is to make sure they are basically financially illiterate. Does anyone really think it would be difficult to teach financial literacy to elementary students? Would teaching youngsters the truth about credit and budgeting help the government in their perpetuation of a ponzi scheme?

Sadly we all know the answers to these questions. Our society is financially illiterate by design not by accident or coincidence. Kindly understand that the key precipitation factor in financial victimization is financial illiteracy. Do you feel like a victim of the banks or like a depositor? Its not for me to judge or determine, yet from a strictly financial literacy perspective  depositing money into a CD and locking it up for 3-5 yrs in order to get a taxable 1.5% return is basically financially illiterate. Of course it works out real well for the bank as for every $1 they get from a depositor they can create 10x leverage with. So your $1 allows the bank to create $10 in loans which pay them a 5-10% return. Do the math and consider it strictly from a financial perspective, who is the victim in this relationship?

You and your family deserve better and you can have better. We all possess the power and initiative to change this system and make it great for all the participants of society. Your decisions with money can be dramatically altered through education and information. The key is to get the most accurate information in order to make the most well educated decisions.

There is much more to expose though the value of Financial Literacy and we at the Advocacy Network are committed to educating not only our members but the public at large in the lessons of Financial Literacy. We believe that this commitment can make the biggest difference in the survival of our society and the fiscal growth of the economy. An educated population who understands the principles of finances will create an economic recovery unlike anything in our great American history.

So whether you become a member or not, kindly register for a complimentary Financial Literacy workshop. This will give you the distinct advantage over all of your competition at work, or professional activities. Kindly remember that the vast majority of our society suffers from financial illiteracy and I mean that in the best possible way.

Let’s grow together and make a difference today!

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!