Why Are We So Prone To Financial Victimization?

There is a question for you, Why are we so prone to Financial Victimization. There are numerous reasons for this area of weakness as it applies to money. One of the major reasons is education, (the lack of financial literacy is directly related but that is truly by design) we are educated to be financially illiterate. Yes, this sounds like a conspiracy but it really is only an indoctrination into a fractionalized banking system. You must become aware of how the fractionalized banking system works, why it is our economic sanctuary and why every citizen must be kept in the dark as to this reality.

We do not have enough time to discuss the overall components and economic philosophy of the fractionalized banking system (members get full access to this information on a regular basis), but you must be aware that this system requires your participation in order to keep what amounts to a sophisticated Ponzi scheme ongoing. The money supply and velocity is predicated upon every American citizen playing their role which is to be in substantial enough debt to keep the scam moving along.

We all have credit cards and very few of us bother to be concerned with interest rates or fees, many have mutual funds and other investment vehicles and rarely bother to be concerned with fees, sure we get attracted by ROI which is formulated with some interest rate return. But the reality is the investment is always eroded through inflation and fees. The inflation is a fee charged by the government for the right to keep money flowing through the economy. Its long been a hidden taxation just as regulatory fees and penalties are form of stealth tax. (You and I as consumers always pay the regulatory fees and penalties, we also always pay the expense factors in any investment vehicles). These are simply the costs of doing business and yet there is rarely any discussion or education on these matters within a government sponsored and funded educational system.

Public education is touted as free, but its never free, because it is a format for indoctrination into the societal economic habits. Let’s be honest magnet schools and private education far outperform all levels of public education yet the politicians and government is always anti-private education. It has little to do with political ideology and everything to do with governmental indoctrination. The private education often covers such areas as financial literacy and teaches some of the history lessons of the fractionalized banking system (can’t have that, as if too many citizens understood how to truly use money and make money work for them the government would be out of business).

You need to be aware that the initial and most damaging financial victimization you suffer is the lack of education in financial literacy. If you asked 100 people in the street to define money you would be lucky to find 3 who could. If you asked those same 100 if there was any difference between currency and money once again you’d be lucky to find 1.5 who could answer that query.

The lack of awareness in economic realities plus the indoctrinated concepts of money are the basis for the vast majority of our financial decisions. Think about it, if you have poor information to start off with how could you make consistently smart decisions about money. Its also no shame to be unaware as there was never any institutional system built to create the necessary awareness. The psychological and cognitive pathways to knowledge come in 3 conditions:

  1. Unaware: We are not aware of that which we don’t know (We don’t know that we don’t know).
  2. Aware: We now know there is something we didn’t know (We know that we don’t know)
  3. Awareness: We now gain the knowledge of that which we didn’t know (We know what we didn’t know)

The educational system should be teaching children how to think as opposed to what to think, and now more then ever in our history the educational system is ramming down what to think with greater zealousness.

How do you escape this? Well, you need to become aware of the knowledge you previously have been unaware of and then you need to learn that knowledge and be willing to use it for your benefit. This is what will free you from the never ending cycle of financial victimization perpetrated by a lack of financial literacy. The Advocacy Network is the platform which provides the ongoing education and will fully protect you and your loved ones from all forms of financial victimization. This includes taxes, social security, medicare and other government based financial decisions. The major part of your daily financial decisions have nothing to do with government financial decisions, but together these areas combine to make up your entire financial lifetime.

The mistakes we make with money can become life and death issues, they can determine the life experience and life style we enjoy or despise, they will determine the outcome of a lifetime of work, business planning or investment strategy. Money may not be the most important aspect of life but it certainly determines what type of life we experience.

Become a member today and you will have the peace of mind that comes with making smart decisions about money in all financial concerns that make up your lifetime.