We are Entering the Entrepreneur ERA!

Business confidence has recently climbed to its highest point in decades. Recent report declared that we are entering the best small business environment since the mid 1980’s. Now that’s exciting! Finally we may be starting to climb out of the massive hole that has been dug over the last 16 years or so. The most damaging impact on small business has been that of regulatory over reach. Make no mistake about it, regulatory hurdles have long been a hidden or shadow taxation to business and industry. Let’s make clear that there is a basic level of government regulation needed to protect the public and all US citizens, however when that regulatory reach stretches into the areas of attempting to create winners and losers in the free market it has grown well beyond its reasonable boundaries.

So now we enter into a space in the marketplace where the small business owner will be able to breathe and confidently expand. The access to capital appears to be unbundling which offers an important benchmark for business growth. The dangers that will always exist however will be the scams, frauds and predatory sales manipulations in the marketplace. Unfortunately nothing can or will change this very sad reality. History continues to show that extensive SEC and other regulatory agencies have been totally inept when it comes to solving the issue of scams and frauds. Of course they are always overseeing the marketplace but they cannot and will never have the unlimited resources needed to keep up with and police the incredibly profitable world of scams and frauds. So this responsibility rests upon the shoulders of the entrepreneurs who are willing and able to risk it all in the pursuit of success. Our work is focused on protecting these risk takers in the area’s of scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics. Our efforts save both time and money and further allow the opportunity to take on extreme risk with the confidence that one can overcome the unnecessary additional risk of being scammed, defrauded or simply financially manipulated.

One of the major opportunity paths I see this coming year is the open pathway to becoming a small business owner and expanding into a full sense of independence. This offers full autonomy over your time, a freedom of personal decision making with no external bias or manipulation. It further offers an independence in the financial growth and tax advantaged cash flow that further allows for both improved lifestyle and life experience. This type of independence comes with fear. Of course it can be both a blessing and a curse. The major consideration is the pre-planning that directs all the risks and mitigates those wherever possible. of course the statistical analysis of business failure is quite overwhelming and basically scares many people away from taking the chance and basically betting on themselves. Unfortunately our educational system does not support entrepreneurial development nor does it particularly value independence. The young generations are still being indoctrinated into the “get a job” and put your time in syndrome. There will always be employers and employees, neither can get along without the other. Yet the best position is the employer, it comes with innate risk and stress all of which allows for the opportunity to climb into the highest level of wealth and income.

So in the coming year our financial concierges will be helping our members through the process of  the “Retireless System.” Through this process we will not only be protecting you from scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics but we will also be providing you with a pure entrepreneurial strategy that will allow you to:

  1. Create Tax Free Income
  2. Develop Tax advantaged Cash Flow
  3. Establish protection for Future Purchasing power
  4. Create the full Benefits of Independence

Provide You with the blessing of vastly improved Life Style and Life Experience;

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!