The Lottery Scam

One of the clearest examples of why the Advocacy Network is such a necessary service is the lottery scam. Most are familiar with the so called Nigerian chain letter and such, but the Jamaican Lottery is a multi-billion dollar scam perpetrated upon Americans every day. Yes it is hard to believe that anyone would fall for this scam, yet highly educated and very sophisticated people fall victim to this scam each and every day. The phone rings in American households regularly with the GREAT News of having won a multi-million dollar lottery.

Just like winning the Publishers Clearing House the appeal is to good to ignore. I recently watched a documentary on the depth and reach of the Jamaican lottery scams. It was even more devastating then I had imagined. To date we have saved members in excess of $6M and the Jamaican lotteries have pulled in 100’s of BILLIONS!

The psychological triggers are all put in play for this scam which is mainly perpetrated via the telephone. (There is a few versions via email as well) Those who receive these calls are already identified as being highly susceptible to this type of scam. In case you are not aware there are lead lists commonly referred to as sucker lists. The way you end up on one of these list is through email and mail offerings in which you willing provide information and possibly a few dollars ($2,$5,$10,$15 or $19) these offers could be for information, contests or other games of chance. Once you respond it immediately identifies you as a potential victim. At this point I must sadly say you have one foot in the grave for victimization.

The boiler rooms purchase the lead lists and make the calls. “Congratulations YOU have won ——-Lottery! Do you know how much you have won in CASH and PRIZES? (when you answer this question you are being turned) Wow you have won $19M dollars in the lottery and another $375K in cash plus a 2016 Mercedes (pick a class). So, lets discuss how you can claim your winnings and prizes. There are a series of taxes and expenses needed to claim this bounty so let me explain.

I won’t continue to provide you the rest of the phone call but I will tell you of one very sad story. There is an elderly widow (many of these scams are perpetrated upon the elderly and lonely) in N. Dakota who received the call and decided to take a chance on the first small payment required for claiming purposes, this payment was $3,000. Now, that can sound like a great amount or possibly a small amount depending on your perspective of money. The next stages of payments she made were $14,500, $21,000, $37,000, $59,000 and even one cash transfer in excess of $100,000. All totaled over a period of 5 months she paid out over $400,000! which was her entire retirement fund plus Life Insurance received on the passing of her husband of 61 yrs. Before you say WOW, that would never happen to me, understand that this lady was a long time business owner and fairly savvy with money. She fell victim to hope which escalated into greed and this is something that can happen to each and every one of us. Everyone is susceptible to this type of psychological manipulation, of course some people are more susceptible. (At the Advocacy Network we have designed a quiz that will identify just how susceptible you may be to financial victimization).

The best solution is a basic membership with the Advocacy Network, we will fully inoculate and insulate you from all forms of financial victimization. We can make it virtually impossible for anyone to victimize you and your loved ones. The most incredible point is that membership is less than 65 cents per day. Let me repeat that 65 cents per day to be fully inoculated and insulated against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. Let me ask you would it be prudent to remain exposed to this massive financial risk or simply invest 65 cents a day for proactive protection?

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