The Great Equalizer is TIME!

The discussion of money is always at the forefront of society. Success has been directly equated to money. In the late 50’s Earl Nightingale correctly said: “Now, success is not the result of making money; making money is the result of success —- and success is in direct proportion to our service.”

He also said that “Abundance is YOURS for the asking” And so here we are, decades later and the same circumstances exist. Of 100 people who start out at 25 still only 5 become financially independent and the other 95 are dead, dead broke or financially dependent. This occurrence is the end result in the RICHEST nation in the history of the WORLD! Something is terribly wrong and it is a financial illness of epidemic proportions.

There is a solution and it is not complicated or extremely difficult, yet it requires awareness, the desire to change how one thinks and the personal discipline to put the new thought process into action.

Start with the base foundation of time. Now, time is finite, as such it is the fixed staple in the equation of success. This extends to life as well as financial existence. We are all entitled to the identical 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, 30 or 31 days per month and 365 days per year. That’s finite and fixed. But the real variable is mortality. No individual is guaranteed any more time than the present moment they exist in. We tend to take this for granted as is displayed by our propensity to continual planning decades into the future. It is important to have a strategy and goals within that strategy yet there is zero guarantee as to the time necessary to achieve the strategy. And so we are best served by focusing intently on the moment we are presently in as that is the only SURE point of achievement available to us.

The discussion of money seems to be misappropriated in the cycle of financial independence which assures us of not attaining the very thing we are intently desirable of. Start at the beginning of the cycle which is WORK of some type. Work is always a form of productivity and it has many forms. It can be employment whereby we exchange skills and TIME for money, it can be entrepreneurial where we create the service, or productivity directly and employ others. The last form of this is the extreme trading of time for money which is unfortunately a style of directed slavery. In this form one has very little skills or value to provide and that leaves only labor. (Time can also be used to acquire education, skills and talents which then determine how much money one can acquire in the trade) Many of the 95% fall victim to this plight of using time as the trade with no skills, talents or education and have married up to the misdirected idea that there is security in the trading of time for money. This is the prime reason for those who end up dead broke, and possibly the ultimate success for this mindset is financial dependence. This is a very sad lack of awareness of how true wealth can be accumulated. The trading of time for money alone will never propel the existence of financial independence.

The cycle of work to earn and earn to spend is the death spiral directed to pure financial dependence. Those who reach the top 5% have become aware of an openly available secret. They have learned that the ONLY pathway to financial independence is money earning money. Another time related aspect as in this cycle money begets more money through the use of time. Guess who has figured this out? Well, the banks, merchant financiers, credit card companies and factoring disciples have all mastered this through the magnificent concept of AMORTIZATION.

We are all victims of amortization. Sadly, the worst part of this victimization is we have unwittingly volunteered for it. We work, earn, spend and BORROW. The leveraging of lifestyle and life experience is where we trade financial independence for the delusional of security. Amortization is a way for the lenders to rob us of our financial independence through the use of time. They get 100% of the benefit of compound interest on the money we have borrowed. The true leverage here is the gifting of YOUR financial independence to the entities who have the money to lend. Of course this is perfectly legal, yet just because something is legal doesn’t mean its good for the individual. We have been sold a false narrative and have bought it hook, line and sinker. 95% of Americans never reach financial independence because they have predetermined it can never happen. TIME for change!

Of course you need to use debt for lifestyle and life experience, yet you do not have to use all the future time along with the capital. By eliminating a portion of the TIME in the amortization cycle you can have lifestyle or life experience (whichever is most important to your value proposition) along with financial independence. It requires a bit of financial literacy education and some personal discipline. If you are willing to open your mind to some very simple concepts which would be considered counter-intuitive than you can reach the top 5% and expand that top of the mountain. The simple solution is to minimize the time that interest is paid. The savings of time equates to dramatic monetary savings. Now, you can then use the power of time (compounding interest) in YOUR favor. This allows for the money earning money cycle which is the ONLY pathway to financial independence.

The Advocacy Network is committed to eliminating all forms of financial victimization through creating awareness, providing financial literacy and helping people achieve financial independence. Our financial solutions provide you and your family with an automated system that will directly minimize the amount of interest you pay on present and future debts. This savings is then redirected into financial solutions that propel you into financial independence. This is simple, effective and the ONLY true pathway to financial independence. All the other shortcuts and magic silver bullet solutions will only assure you of painfully joining the 95%. Let us show you a better alternative which is the ONLY alternative assured to put you on the path to the 5%.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR ONLY Concern!