The Danger of White Noise!

We live in a period of great change and advancement. Technology has consumed our communications portals and as such we now live in a time of instant communication. Media surrounds us and information is available in seconds.

You may have grown up in the era I did where the sources of research were in the public library and if you needed sources of research you had to get to the library or be fortunate and live in household that may have afforded the luxury of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Today a phone, a tablet, a laptop or even the dinosaur of the group “a desk top computer” can provide you with 100,000’s of sources for research or information.

The threat is that much of this information can be misleading or even worse totally false. Your biggest obstacle is vetting information for accuracy and truth. Due diligence now becomes a premium type issue. Due to this environment we are in a stage of constant white noise. You face grave competition for your attention. With so much competition you are bombarded with all types of information, advertising, approaches and just plain solicitation all of which creates an atmosphere of white noise. It all starts to run together and all you hear is static.

One of the major threats of white noise is you becoming desensitized to red flags or key words that could warn you of the dangers of financial victimization. You tend to trust everything you read as now it all seems to have the general authority which implies credibility. After all is its on the internet it has to be true, right? So now you not only are faced with the potential for manipulation but lies, misinformation and indirect incompetence are added to your financial risks. In fact the risk of basic incompetence is far more prevalent that at any other period in time. This incompetence is created by the identical issue of white noise. Now more then ever before people an establish the level of authority with the speed of light. And this allows for people to take incredible shortcuts and ultimately gain credibility without any true competence. You are the victim of others incompetence every day.

Financial victimization has both an offensive and defensive component. On the offensive side is the perpetrator of the scam, fraud or predatory sales tactic plus your own personal behaviors which are made up of your own personal biases, beliefs and values (thus you also are a perpetrator in your own victimization). On the defensive side should be your established startegy and tactics to avoid financial victimization. Sadly the vast majority of our society has no defense. Can you imagine having a football team with zero defensive abilities? In that scenario regardless of how good an offense you had the best you could do is play to a tie. In your financial world you can’t afford to play to a tie. You need to win all these potential confrontations geared to make you a victim.

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