The Damage of Compounding Losses

The depth of Financial Victimization includes scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. There is still a great and vast lack of consideration in the marketplace as to truths about financial victimization. It is truly the elephant in the room which is ignored by the public, the media, law enforcement and the financial services industry as a whole. In fact the financial services industry is totally disconnected by their own concepts that financial literacy should begin at home. If the financial services industry takes no responsibility for financial literacy education who exactly will?

So, the two most prevalent cause of financial victimization are lack of awareness and financial illiteracy. Until these two obstacles are overcome the numbers of victims will continue to grow each year. Presently all forms of financial victimization account for $250B+ in annual losses. That’s a GREAT deal of money being lost by mostly people who cannot afford such losses. It is also not a victimless crime and is quite often portrayed in media and entertainment. Suicide is very often a direct result of financial victimization. That is hardly victimless. There is a level of anger, shame, guilt and pain that is experienced by victims.

Yet, with all the illicit financial victimization there is another form that is totally legal and perpetrated against the average American. This financial victimization is known as AMORTIZATION. Every homeowner is a victim, as are automobile owners, student loans and credit cards. All are forms of amortized payments which are nothing other than the spending of future unearned dollars. This is much like the unfunded future liabilities of the government. Now, let’s be clear I’m not preaching against debt, in fact I believe debt or leverage is a tremendous financial tool. It allows us to create the lifestyle and life experience we enjoy in the present, by bringing forward dollars we have yet to earn. The cost for that is interest. Thus interest payments are also payments of future dollars and as such it is compounding losses. These future dollars paid in interest are never recovered and never used for your own personal wealth accumulation.

The best solution is to pay the least amount of interest possible. We all have to pay back some interest because that is the cost of debt, yet we certainly don’t have to pay as much interest as the banks, and other lenders target through amortization tables. In order to stop future losses which are compounded through amortization, you must have the mathematical ability to understand the best use of every dollar that passes through your household. By closing all the cracks and filling all the holes in your finances you have the opportunity to create future wealth of $1.5M or more. How would you like to have $1.5M or so when the 4th Qtr of life appears. Look, the odds are stacked against you. Why? Well, did you know that 95% of everyone who reaches 65 and older is either dead, dead broke or at best financially dependent on family, friends or at worse government. Only 5% attain financial independence.

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