New Year Same Old Scams and Frauds

As we enter 2017, the landscape of frauds, scams and predatory sales tactics undergoes zero changes. The excitement of hope that comes with a new year is always a wonderful event, yet that does not erase the basic risk of financial victimization. The scammers, fraudsters and predators will be back at work and they will create new approaches and platforms to separate you from your money. This is what they do and it is their profession.

The reason that financial victimization is so prevalent is because as a society we are subject to our own personal financial biases. The beliefs you have engrained become habits and therefore values. These values tend to fall into a few basic behavior patterns which are studied by the professional scammers, fraudsters and sales predators. Masters of human behavior and the understanding of financial decision making processes. The mistake we tend to make is to overlook the professional impact this group of criminals make. Many people live in the “it can’t or won’t happen to me” syndrome. This is the very belief the scammers, fraudsters and sales predators rely upon. They exist because of this simple consideration.

If the public would acknowledge and recognize the exposure from this risk it would be exponentially more difficult for the perpetrators to do their damage. The combination of lacking simple oversight and overconfidence in your own financial savvy makes you a perfect mark for financial victimization. When you are overconfident (and this is a basic human behavior trait) your ability to perceive your circumstances in a totally objective manner is lost. You consistently over estimate your own financial abilities and thus make yourself a target to any professional financial manipulator. It becomes much easier to ride the coattails of your own egotistical self grandiosity than to force persuasion upon you. The professional scammer, fraudster and sales manipulator realizes it is a simple downhill ride to influence your own weaknesses and use them against you. Its not a difficult process and sadly it is all subject to your own actions. It’s similar to the actions of certain marshal arts where the opponent uses your own force against you and allows that force to be your biggest enemy. In essence you actually victimize yourself due to your own over confidence.

One of the major aspects of our work is to help our members learn about these psychological triggers and the personal behaviors that are most exposed. This awareness allows any individual to fully inoculate and insulate themselves against all forms of financial victimization. This process is not something individuals tend to do for themselves without any help. An advocate is one who can act as the objective, non-biased conscience to help others overcome their own personal weaknesses and exposures. It’s a very common aspect in basic human nature to be self-sufficient. Both men and women have distinct biases when if pertains to financial decisions. All too often people believe that the team of a husband and wife can counter-balance these biases and be their own best protection. Unfortunately when hope, belief and greed get in the equation there is no counter-balance and certainly no protection from highly skilled, experienced and professional scammers, fraudsters and sales predators. It’s no contest, you are tremendously overmatched in this scenario. At the Advocacy Network we spend every minute of everyday working to overcome all forms of scams, fraud and predatory sales practitioners. Can you honestly say you are better prepared then we are? Is it safe to say you don’t have the time, experience or energy to consistently explore the world of financial victimization? Lastly and most importantly, have you ever felt the pain, anger, shame and guilt of being financially victimized?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it is better to light a candle then curse the darkness, and far better to have professional help against professional financial manipulators.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!