Money in 3D

In the following video  Money in 3D I discuss the truth about a misunderstood concept: the time value of money. One of the key factors for the epidemic of financial victimization in America is the high impact of financial illiteracy. And the key element of financial illiteracy is the lack of awareness and understanding of the time value of money. It’s not a subject that is covered in our educational platforms. The little bit of financial education provided in the elementary and secondary education wouldn’t even fill a thimble.

It’s no accident that the education system directly refuses to provide financial literacy education. After all the government runs an economic platform that defies any logical fiscal responsibility and as such that fiscal irresponsibility requires the full support of the American public. Thus we are taught that there are basic tenets to follow economically and unfortunately like lemmings running to the cliff we do as we are told.

The basic economic life cycle that we are taught is work to earn, spend what you earn, borrow to enhance your life style and life experience, pay the loans and then go back to work and start all over again. The economic death spiral in this cycle is in the payment spoke. It is here that the banking industry control the economic plight of the public. The process is called AMORTIZATION and this is where the cycle of money continues to favor the bankers and lenders. It is here that you directly lose $100’s of thousands of dollars in future earnings which you pre-pay to the lenders. This includes you mortgage, auto loans, credit cards and now substantial education loans. We at actually borrowing to be educated to a level of financial illiteracy. Its an incredible shroud that we have been covered by. I don’t have time to go over the history of the fractionalized banking system and how it is controlled by directed government interference into the free market. But it is very safe to say we do not have a truly capitalistic economy, the free market has never been truly free since the establishment of the Federal Reserve. (A great book for your research is “How Privatized Banking Really Works” by L.Carlos Lara & Robert P. Murphy, I highly recommend this book which will open your eyes to the real workings of the banking institution in America and the rest of the global community).

But with all that clutter on the fringes of your economic life there is a series of financial solutions you can easily and very affordably institute, in fact the affordability is such that you CANNOT afford  to ignore  taking these steps. The video below is about Money in 3D and will hopefully give you a totally different perspective on the subject of making smart decisions about money.

The Advocacy Network is fully engaged in eliminating all forms of financial victimization, through creating awareness, providing financial literacy education and helping people attain financial independence.

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