You Might Be Getting Scammed When…

SERVICES Performance Premium  Telephone Coach
Startegy Process        X               X
Advocacy Alerts        X               X
Advocacy Network Virtual Campus
All Financial Concierge Education Platform
Advisors Corner               X
Small Business Alerts               X
Financial Transformation Video Course        X               X                    X*
2 Due Diligence Packs /year        X
Advocacy Network Strategic Alliances
Advocacy Financial Literacy workshops
Personal Financial Concierge
Sales Training & Coaching* (Telephone Training)                    X*
Small Business Owner Services
4 Due Diligence packs /year               X
Self-Development Library          X               X                     X
Lead the Field (Transcript)               X
Fabulous Fortunes Through F.A.I.L.U.R.E          X               X                      X
Referral of a Lifetime (Training)                      X
E-book series of Self-Development Classics          X               X                      X
Total $95.00 $195.00 $295.00

*These Memberships are for Sales Professionals

I am always committed to providing the finest services available to best help our Financial Concierges establish a 7 figure Practice.
—Karl Schilling