Inside Corner

As you know we provide complimentary video blogs and information through our Smart Decisions about Money series. While this is created to help protect people from Financial Victimization, the only way to be fully inoculated and against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics is to become a member. I thought it would be prudent to provide an insider video blog to help you get an idea of exactly what we provide members.

For the record, members enjoy the benefit of the following: educational webinars and workshops, insider research which is compiled by our staff from 100’s of industry journals, periodicals and newsletters. It would cost you several thousand dollars per year to subscribe to these newsletters not to mention the time spent to do the research. The most consistent benefit of membership is our digital educational platform which is timely and provides you with the most prevalent information needed to become fully aware of the inside tricks and tactics used by sales amateurs and conmen to victimize you or your loved ones. We also provide our members with the necessary financial behaviors that expose you to victimization. As we painfully describe the true perpetrator of any financial victimization is the victim.

Here is a sample of a recent inside corner video blog: