Gratitude Overcomes Adversity

As Thanksgiving is once again upon us, I thought a message about gratitude would be timely. Sadly, many people only focus on gratitude due to a holiday. I know that’s better then nothing, yet the real gift of gratitude is a daily event. Missing this makes life so much more difficult.

Adversity is necessary for growth. Without challenges, obstacles and hurdles we as individuals would never grow. As a society we would also remain stagnant and in essence largely fail on a consistent basis. Yet America has always risen above its challenges and stood out in the world arena. We are a fervently successful nation, and yet we have lost our way in many regards. Presently the nation seems to seek avoidance of adversity. Suddenly adversity and challenges are perceived to be a bad thing. Sadly this avoidance is direct causation for lack of growth. We no longer seek to be stretched beyond our comfort zones. In short we have become a lazy nation.

For those who still welcome and seek adversity for the benefits it brings with it, the healing and regenerative tool is gratitude. Being grateful is an everyday thing. I submit to you that gratitude is the path to abundant success. The process of being grateful is an attitude, its not some tangible vehicle. This is an attitude that accepts all challenges, obstacles and hurdles willingly. In this acceptance you are thankful for the opportunity to overcome, move forward and grow. Try being thankful for everything, not simply the good things and those times of wonder, start being thankful for the sadness that comes with adversity, the tragedy of mourning and saying goodbye to loved ones and friends. These are the moments of character revelation. All of us can be grateful and gleeful in times of success, winning brings no moments to overcome. In those moments anyone can have an attitude that exudes gratitude. (In reality there are those rare negative people who can’t even show gratitude in victory).

So, this Thanksgiving start fresh and recount the challenges, obstacles and hurdles that you have both overcome and presently face. Through those issues into the pool and be grateful and immensely thankful for them. Begin to throw up thanks in all scenarios and situations. This helps to make the wonderful aspects of your life which are taken for granted to come clearly into focus. You can now see the world and your small existence in terms of happiness and wonder for all the events, things and purposes of your life. You can be truly thankful in all moments and you will climb higher, reach further and accomplish more then you ever dreamed possible.

May you and your loved ones, friends and acquaintances enjoy an abundantly blessed Thanksgiving for which you can be incredibly grateful for!

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