Financial Independence is a Thought Process

Americans have suffered from an epidemic of financial victimization due to a directed misdirection in our thinking process. Thomas Edison said: Five percent of people think. Ten percent think that they think; and the other 85% would rather die than think.

Leonard Read who was one of the great thinkers in the Austrian economic theory said: Many people believe they are thinking when, actually, they are only rearranging their prejudices.

Throughout history mankind has constantly sought to improve the standard of living. This has led to many incorrect thought patterns that have been promulgated and passed along. Some of these thoughts have been intentionally developed to mislead the masses in order to perpetrate an economic victimization of the society at large.

With all of this knowledge at our finger tips Americans remain in an economic cycle of scarcity and want. In the richest nation in the history of mankind we still somehow have the highest rate of financial illiteracy in the universe. How can that possibly be? It’s all in the thoughts we have allowed to penetrate and permeate our mind with.

In an open society such as we are blessed with the concept of opportunity is abundant. There is and never has nor ever will be a shortage of opportunity in the wealthiest nation in the universe. Yet with this absolute fact, a universal law; we still live in a society where only 5% of the population achieve unusual success. Of course many, many have asked the simple question of why and always the answer has remained the same the simple truth that we become what we think about. Aristotle told us: We become what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act, it a habit.

In the bible Jesus told us that “As a man believeth so it is done unto him” There is much more evidence to be found in all the great philosophers, religious leaders, military leaders, politicians and teachers all of whom have discussed the universal law of cause and effect. It is in this law that exists the truth of how our minds determine who and what we become and how we accomplish the dreams, desires and goals we set for ourselves.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our financial lives. While 5% achieve unusual success, the other 95% somehow wallow in financial independence and a lack of belief in financial independence. Non-belief is the direct path to financial dependence. Just take a look at how the vast majority of Americans are raised to think about money.

We all started in grammar school and whether that was public or private we were indoctrinated into a thought process of hard work being the foundation to any future success. It would all come through hard work and effort and as we all had the opportunity to determine our futures it would be hard work and effort that separated us from the crowd. That was further directed into a belief that we should complete an education, get a job/career and then spend our time in that commitment until we RETIRE and then move onto a life of leisure and relaxation. This was sold to us as the American dream. Now, we never questioned who the true beneficiary in that American dream was. We were perfectly happy to accept the lessons or lack thereof on the reality of money. Can you remember any discussion of financial literacy throughout the first 12 years of a so called education? You can’t, and that is because there was no such lessons to be taught. Even when entering college, unless you became a finance major you still received no financial literacy education. I hate to expand on the reasons why, but one can safely assume that it wasn’t an oversight, it was a designed educational determination.

The history of money is a well worthwhile education and those who complete this education are the ones most prepared to rise into the top 5%. That could easily be a top 20% stat if more people would simply come to the direct awareness of how to think as opposed to what to think. By changing how you think all the difference can be made for the exponential growth into financial independence.

The first step is to become aware of the how the process works. Once that is accomplished one need only use the strategies and tactics that formulate the process.

The Advocacy Network provides the awareness, financial literacy education and the personal help that drives people to financial independence. This is a development of a thought process which continually makes smart decisions about money. The 5% reality is living proof of a massive lack of proper thinking. The 95% get stuck in the sad cycle of conformity and they are not conforming those who are successful but conforming to the masses who are unwittingly locked into financial dependence.

You can step outside the boundaries and become financially independent much easier than you realize. There are financial solutions which will rip you out of the fabric of fiscal conformity which dooms us to financial dependence. We have a foundation of financial solutions which establish financial independence. If you continue to do the same things over and over while expecting different results you sadly are suffering from a form of insanity. It’s a common form of insanity which the 95% always suffer from and have sadly been mired in denial about.

Let’s discuss how to break out and eliminate all forms of financial victimization, while opening your opportunities for financial independence. It’s not complicated and truly much easier than you would ever think possible.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!