Debt By the Numbers

I was hoping to shed some light for all on just how ridiculous and unfortunately destructive debt really is. Today at this moment (and I say that because each moment the number changes by $100’s of thousands) the US debt is 20 trillion + numerically that looks like this 20,000,000,000,000 how about that number? Does it seem ridiculous to you? It should, as we commonly refer to in the financial arena this is telephone numbers x 100. But let me help define it a bit differently as most people are not really accustomed to the language of numbers.
Let’s say we paid $1,000 a second against this 20T debt, that would be $60,000 per minute and $3.6M per hour. Daily it would be $86,400,000 per day as in $86.4M per day. In a year that is 31,536,000,000 or $31.5 Billion which would equate to $3.1T over 100 years. A century folks. That means that to pay off the $20T would take approx. 650 years at the rate of $1,000 per second. And that is without figuring for interest on the debt. Possibly 1,000 years with interest payments.
I really hope this puts some perspective on just how destructive debt truly is. Of course none of us individually has any numbers like this but sadly our numbers while much smaller are still just as deadly. For the average person in our society there is no chance for financial independence and that has nothing to do with lack of opportunity, education or network of influential friends or family. No, the real problem is the vast majority of Americans have been sold a bill of goods. They have been victimized and have unfortunately gladly embraced this victimization. I refer to it as the Reverse Compound Interest Syndrome. This has caused an epidemic of financial victimization under which the victims have lost all rights, chances or opportunities for financial independence. The direct causation is debt which carries with it the curse of interest payments. It’s not the debt that causes the victimization, it’s the interest that ends all hope of financial independence. Those agencies, organizations, institutions and corporations that lend you money and then earn money on that money by charging you interest are enjoying the magic of compound interest on YOUR money.
Please take a moment and think clearly. As long as you are paying interest you are losing the ability for that money to earn money for YOU and YOUR family. The longer you continue to pay this interest the LONGER YOU lose the opportunity to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.
Time to take back control of YOUR money and benefit from the MAGIC of COMPOUND INTEREST.
The national statistics on personal debt show the following:
Mortgage Debt $8+ Trillion
Auto Loans $1.1+ Trillion
Credit card debt $850+ Billion
Student Loans $1.3+ Trillion
Anyone think there might be a problem?
How sweet would it be to have a solution that speeds up the terms of interest payments, puts that savings back in your hands, and sticks it to the Banks, Merchants and Credit Card companies at the same time?
the Advocacy Network can provide this very solution. YOU can save $100’s of thousands in interest payments that presently are leaving you bankrupted from any financial independence. We have a software program that will re-allocate and redistribute your monthly payments to maximize your interest payment savings, in fact the average savings has been in excess of $108,000. The savings can be redirected into programs or investments that will compound and propel you to financial independence.
Time to STOP giving away the earnings your money can create for YOU. Presently you like the vast majority of Americans are stuck in the Reverse Compound Interest Syndrome and the Banks, Merchants and credit card companies are depending on you to stay in this condition. The Advocacy Network has the solution and we will put you in the driver’s seat for your financial independence. Let’s talk and show you how easily YOU can take back control of your money and stick it to the banks.
YOUR Best Interest IS OUR ONLY Concern!