Counterfeiting is Illegal

Smart Decisions About Money

Part 2:

Yesterday we left off with the brief discussion of inflation and we pick up with that in mind today:

Consider how this works, when new currency is created value is transferred from existing dollars to the newly created dollars. The creators of the currency get the maximum purchasing power of the currency due to the fact that there was no cost to create the currency. Also the creator gets back the currency (which cost nothing to create) plus interest (more currency). So the banks (especially the Federal Reserve) grow richer while we grow poorer all due to the basic premise of counterfeiting.

Now, almost everyone in the country regardless of education or background knows that counterfeiting is illegal. But what most people are unaware of is how the legal counterfeiting has the exact same results as illegal counterfeiting. It is a way to steal wealth for the public. A bit of historical study and you will find that this cycle has been a regularly occurring event throughout world civilization and it has always ended with the same result which is economic destruction.

The most pressing need for the public is gaining the functional awareness of these basic economic principles because the transfer of wealth can be a positive for anyone who is paying particular attention to the cycles and events.

I see this financial victimization as more insidious then conmen and manipulative sales organizations because it is perpetrated as a fully acceptable daily economic exercise. People rely upon the government to provide economic and regulatory protection for the public, yet that reliance is given to an outrageous abuse of trust. No one likes to believe the reality that citizens are economically abused and victimized daily by the institution that garners our full faith and trust. I personally find it difficult to accept yet the history is clear and the existing manipulations are also very evident. So what should you do? How do you maximize the opportunity that exists on the reverse side of the manipulation? These are the questions you should be asking and the answers you should be seeking. Just understand and be aware that the answers will not be found in the mainstream as the financial news media, the financial publications and talking heads are all part of the systematic manipulation. Your answers will be found in contrary and counter intuitive thinking. It takes a combination of analytical and critical thinking. You must avoid being attracted to the normal conformity based thinking. That simply isn’t going to protect you from ongoing financial victimization.

In conclusion the vast majority of financial victimization is victim centric. By this I mean the unfortunate truth about scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics is that the victim is the unconscious perpetrator and can be inoculated and insulted through education, analysis and personal awareness of personal behaviors and biases toward money and financial issues. The tragic truth about governmental currency manipulation is that this is truly creating victims and that victimization touches every taxpayer in America.

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