Beware the first name basis!

As a uniquely positioned financial network the Advocacy Network provides a wide range of financial literacy education as well as the psychological triggers commonly used to victimize people financially. Here we discuss a common sales manipulation used by scammers and sales professionals. 

One of the exceptionally useful psychological triggers is the simple use of a person’s first name. Our first name is an incredibly powerful emotion initiator. We all enjoy being recognized and our name is a powerful acknowledgement of our identity.

The ego is massaged when you are called by your first name. The last name isn’t nearly as effect as it doesn’t trigger the same emotional impact. Remember back in HS when the teacher might have called you by your last name, it wasn’t quite symbolic of your identity within the group, but getting that call on the first name created a warm stream of good feelings didn’t it?

Sales people have long been trained to use a prospect’s name in order to develop a camaraderie or sense of association. Once you have passed the threshold of trust it is quite easy for someone to use persuasive triggers to get you to make a decision. Financial decision making is one of the most important processes an individual faces. Mistakes with money are common and many times these decisions are gravely impacted by a process of manipulation.

This key manipulation trick has been used for centuries by those wishing to separate you from your money. Now, let’s be clear the psychological triggers are not always used for manipulative purposes yet it is vital that you understand what the psychological triggers are so you can determine if they are being used to manipulate your decision making process. It is always what you don’t know that is of the greatest potential harm to you.

The other difficulty is that much like hypnotism your behaviors become an unconscious event and are grooved in which make it quite difficult to defend against these behaviors. You have developed a financial decision making process whether you are conscious of it or not. All that needs to be done to manipulate this decision making process is for the other person to identify your process. A few key questions at the right time can easily identify anyone’s process.

The first barrier to cross is rapport. This barrier is the initial protective shield everyone puts up. It is the easiest of the shields to pierce and it also triggers the unconscious defense mechanisms to stand down. The most common trigger to use is the person’s first name. Upon crossing this barrier there is immediate rapport and a sense of ease within a conversation. If it is being used for manipulation you will find your name attached to certain concepts the manipulator is seeking to associate with your strong emotional state triggered through the use of your name. The manipulator will bracket you name around the decision making question when the time comes to close the deal. The only one capable of short circuiting this process is you. The only protection you can create is a total knowledge of your financial decision making process and a conscious awareness of what the psychological triggers are and how and when they are used.

The Advocacy Network inoculates and insulates our members against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. At the base of our work is the new book “You Might Be Getting Scammed When….” You can be totally inoculated and insulated against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics and consistently make smart decisions about money.

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