Best Way to Become a Millionaire!

This year 2017 the Advocacy Network mission is to dramatically expand public awareness about financial victimization. To date we have successfully saved our members in excess of $6.5M. That is a minimal success though considering that over $250B+ is lost each year to all forms of financial victimization. There are many, many reasons that this mass financial epidemic continues to inflict grave financial damage to many people, especially baby boomers.

Today however I wanted to bring your attention to one sure-fire way to insulate yourself from financial victimization. The best way to avoid cons, scams, and frauds is to recognize how to increase your wealth by being totally independent. When you are able to create financial independence you cease to search for the magic silver bullet to millions of dollars. Its this very search that makes you fully exposed to the scammers, and fraudsters. Let’s explore a how to become a millionaire strategy.

First of all there is NO GET RICH quick system in a millionaire strategy. Identified millionaires are not people who made money overnight (we will disregard lottery winners as they are a tiny fraction of the millionaire population). Studies show that a vast majority (as high as 82%) of millionaires are business owners or self employed. There is a percentage who are in the government employment market or two income families, but the overwhelming majority are those who have developed entrepreneurial ventures. Never before in our history has there been so many entrepreneurial opportunities available. Owning a business and investing in yourself is the safest and most efficient strategy to becoming ultra wealthy.

The highly functional entrepreneur invests in themselves, they trust their own abilities, senses and work ethic to produce the wealth they seek for them and their family. This demographic is highly targeted for scams and frauds yet they are structurally insulated because they rarely are seeking to put their money in any other ventures but their own (sure occasionally there be a minority who seek to invest in the markets or possibly family and friends). The reason these entrepreneurs win with regularity is their awareness and full understanding of their own skills, talents and commitments. They don’t get sidetracked or buy into fairy tales, they know the exact ROI for every dollar they invest in themselves. Here’s a major wakeup siren, your best investment opportunity is YOU. Stop looking elsewhere and start betting on yourself. This is true and complete independence.

If you are presently employed and exchanging hours for dollars, no problem. You simply need to start investing in yourself slowly and begin building an independence strategic plan (We help our members with a strategy system titled “Retireless”) in which you can develop a short term and long term plan for total financial independence. This is possible for EVERY American, you don’t need to be rich, or have special skills, education or abilities, you don’t need to have good contacts. None of those excuses are necessary. You can start right where you stand today. Its simply a matter of planning your upcoming steps and directions. The pathway will be built by you and it will make itself abundantly clear as you take the necessary daily, weekly and monthly steps.

So if you want to be a millionaire, or simply seek to have financial independence on your own terms you can build an entrepreneurial strategy to climb the mountain of wealth and independence. The best part is you don’t need to do this alone, as a member of the Advocacy Network we can provide you with the complete strategic plan along with the training and development needed to execute the plan successfully. Give me a call to discuss how membership will not only protect you from financial victimization but also propel you to the financial independence that assures you never become a victim.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!