Are you at Risk from Predatory Sales Tactics?

Seems that the most obvious concerns of financial victimization come from scams and fraud. However beneath the surface lies a looming threat. That threat is predatory sales tactics. This is overlooked because people have become numb to what is perceived as sales tactics.

The easiest example of predatory sales tactics is the continued existence of “boiler rooms” these are call rooms where highly aggressive sales people use the telephone to separate you from your money. There are many products and services that are sold via this medium. Investments are the most common lure in boiler rooms. But many soft offerings are from boiler rooms, such as 1-800 call in products and services. The most common predatory tactic is the up-sale. I’m sure you have at some point called a 1-800 offer from a television ad. The hook was for BOGO (buy one get one free) and free shipping. Most common is publishing and information.

A few years back I purchased a book that was offered on a brief infomercial. When I called in I got an operator (and boy was she) who immediately explained how I qualified for a special offer of the author’s (I won’t use his name, but he has been once again convicted for false advertising and is serving another term in jail) personal newsletter, then she offered me the ongoing training classes, the personalized one on one coaching and numerous other offers. I politely declined each and every offer but did some mental calculations to determine how much the total of all offers added up to. Now, you need to know that each of these offers was a credit card offer which was free for a certain period and then would automatically upgrade if you didn’t cancel after the free-trial period (the consumer credit laws have made this type of selling illegal in most states and now you no longer have to cancel the company has to follow up and subscribe you at the end of trial period). In the end I ordered a FREE book which had a $9 shipping and handling charge, but the real sales motivation as to get me on all those free upgrades which would end up with me having a substantial monthly charge on my credit card. The total you ask; well the operator (she was a stone cold boiler room pro) attempted to get me committed to $595 of monthly credit card charges.

Now, I’m a well trained individual when it comes to understanding how sales manipulations are initiated and yet on occasion I’m an easy mark because I spent so many years in sales (the easiest people to sell are sales people). I mention this to help make you aware that is I could be manipulated then anyone can. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the “it can’t happen to me” syndrome. The best way to avoid all forms of financial victimization is simply becoming a member of the Advocacy Network. We will fully inoculate and insulate you against scams, fraud and most importantly predatory sales tactics. If its happening we are aware of it, and we are fully aware of how it is being done and what the tricks, terminology and triggers are. We provide this information for your protection and awareness.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!