Anatomy of the Scam

When people think of scams they usually jump to the thought of illegality. Yet the truth is that the vast amount of scams are perfectly legal. The real anatomy is the manipulation that twists an exchange of cash for zero value.

One of the largest financial loss arenas is the information industry. This type of scam has been around almost from the beginning of time. There have been many ideations of this basic premise but in the end they are all based upon the one same psychological trigger which is greed. The lead with all information scams is the concept of “get rich quick.” The pursuit of money is a basic human instinct and therefore it is easily manipulated. Who doesn’t want to get something for nothing? It’s in everyone’s DNA.

The factual evidence that has been proven again and again, over and over is that getting rich quick is a fairy tale. There is no proven evidence that any process or method to get rich quick exists. In fact the reality is the direct opposite because more money has been lost in the pursuit of this fairy tale then gained. The only person who gets rich in this pyramid is the person at the top who has sold all those on the dream of non-existent riches.

The major contributor to this cottage scam industry has been the explosion of the internet which has made the opportunity to reach the masses exponentially easier. You greatest risk to financial victimization is unfortunately your email account.

If you are a sales professional then your greatest threat is the “magic silver bullet” of marketing processes that will allow you to stop prospecting and have business drop into your lap. Simply another form of information based scams.

As I previously mentioned my work through the Advocacy Network requires a constant research process which we share with our members. You would not believe how many emails I receive on a daily basis all due to the efforts to expose and vet the existing industries that are manipulating the public into financial victimization.

Below is an actual email I receive which has multiple affiliates who send the identical email for the providers of the information. The affiliates get commissions for driving sales to the providers. When the providers attract 1000’s of affiliates who are given say 10% of the sale, well you do the math. PS the affiliates are also financial victims, but have yet to figure that out. I have highlighted with strike-through the manipulative triggers that are being used to attract you into the scam.


Hi Karl,    (personalization is trust initiation attempt)
How can you call the Law of Attraction a “law” at all… if
it only seems to work for a lucky few?

Ask most LOA “experts” and they’ll instantly change the subject…
Yet in this all-new video, Joe ——– tackles the question

So if you’ve ever gotten *excited* about The Secret… but
suspected there was still something they just weren’t telling you…

… then you need to watch this now — because Joe has a
confession to make… and people who have seen it are already

saying it’s the “missing link” to FINALLY making this hidden “law”
work for everyone who tries it.

P.S. Here’s the link again — don’t put this off, because watching
this now could change the direction your day… your week…
or even your entire life is going (in just 3 simple steps)

This email contains every psychological trigger for the scam manipulation. It starts with hope, of course you want to believe there could be a law that you are somehow unaware of or not using for your get rich quick lifestyle.

It then moves you to an authoritative expert, of course you need to believe this expert above all others because he knows something the others don’t or do but won’t tell you.

The second step is fear of loss which is used several times. It finishes with “don’t put this off because”

The link which I have taken off is the greed button trigger. Remember as we have always premised is once your greed button is initiated you are going to become a financial victim, there is no turning back once you buy in.

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