9 Days of Advocacy

We covered the dangers of the telephone and quite frankly it is well more extensive than we were able to cover in 500 or more words. Today let’s discuss the absolute cesspool of scam and fraud risk or as the scammers and fraudsters would consider the absolute fountain of grand wealth. I am speaking of your email. This is where the scam and fraud can now establish a connection far superior to the past. Imagine the speed of the con when instead of having to make a personal connection via snail mail or in person to an immediate momentary connection via the internet. The speed and depth of contact is now grown exponentially. Not only is the speed of messaging but the cost is basically zero. Now postage, no travel expenses, no time costs. Just pure exposure with little to no cost.

This is truly a symptom of our times. Your email is filled with white noise and massive amounts of fluff. Much of it can be created to pass as astutely authoritative content and often you are attracted to the perception of authority. Yet in reality the vast majority of the content is misinformation, and sometimes direct inappropriate misdirection. So you are exposed to an extraordinary amount of risk in your email account(s).

The evidence of this was just this week 1 Billion Yahoo accounts were hacked. Now, Yahoo has a long history of being a very susceptible email service provider and even with that history an incredible amount of people continue to maintain yahoo accounts. Those people are now subject to their information being open to the public on a mass exposure. But that is hardly the real threat you face. The most damaging issue in your emails is the vast expansion of scams and fraud that include phishing, identity theft, misinformation, mass investment pumps and dump campaigns and much, much more illicit offerings. One of the most threatening financial exposures in your life is your email account. sad, but true.

How do you limit this exposure? well, firstly you must pay attention. I personally receive over 250 emails per day and some days that can be 500. Now, I will admit much of it is fluff because I do so much research and intentionally put myself at risk in order to see what the offerings look like and how the scammers and fraudsters are approaching the public. But you also have this incredible exposure due to your own personal curiosity. and by the way curiosity is good, nothing to fear, but the result of curiosity is exposure. Thus selectivity and awareness becomes quite important. One mishap, such as clicking on an unknown link can open your entire life up to incredible damage. Even the upper government so called brains are exposed, the past election showed that to be true. You are exposed and cannot diminish that exposure but you can limit it by being proactive and fully aware. The protection here is to limit your exposure by being fully aware and cognizant of the misinformation that can cause grave personal financial damage.

4. PAY close attention to YOUR email!

3. Only Buy the Eggs

2. Guard YOUR Privacy

1  NEVER Buy the GOOSE

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!