8,7,6 Days of Advocacy

Here is where I wanted to share with you the 3 basic psychological triggers that are used in creating financial victims. This is well-worth 3 days in our cycle.

The process is pushed along by ineffective due diligence (full discussion on due diligence will be covered in the coming days, be sure to look for it). This allows the predator in, and once in the golden triggers are launched. Just like Dracula, you need to invite the predator in and sadly most victims are all to willing to open the doors.

The 3 psychological triggers begin with desire, of course we all desire on some level to be successful by increasing our wealth and earning capacities. It is human nature to want more and also common to want more for less. Who doesn’t like a great deal? The better and easier the gain the more attractive it becomes. Like a shiny bauble its hard to take your attention off of it once the process has been initiated. So once you desire the offer (whatever it is ) the process has begun. The scammer or fraudster has your attention and has initiated and emotion attached to the offer. You have crossed the first vital emotional starting point, you have emotionally bought in without being consciously aware of it.

The second trigger is fear of loss. An emotional buy-in now gives you psychic ownership. This is when you have taken ownership in your mind’s eye, it is now yours and you begin to emotionally enjoy the benefits of ownership. It is almost impossible not to associate a fear of loss once this is taken away from you. And now you have crossed the 2nd plateau as unconscious ownership creates the trigger of “fear of loss.”

Now, you must be aware that fear of loss can be both healthy and unfortunately, very unhealthy. The normal (healthy) fear of loss would be the loss of your investment capital (money you putting up for offer). As an example say you are discussing an investment of $100,000, of course you begin from a threshold of risk for that entire amount. Therefore a healthy fear of loss would be focused on the $100,000. Remember though, the emotional attachment has been triggered by the benefits of ownership. You have unconsciously already began to mitigate the risks involved and already envisioning the end results being described by the scammer or fraudster. The fear of loss is subtlety being transferred into an unhealthy fear of loss which sets off the 3rd trigger.

The third and final trigger is the victimization trigger. Greed is the last stage and at this point you have passed the point of no return. The victimization is now complete and only the amount of your loss is undetermined. Please understand we are all the subject to greed; there is no individual who is immune to allure of greed. When greed sets in your unconscious ownership has manifested itself into a conscious state and you are now only focused on the end result. If the offer promoted a $300,ooo return for the $100,000 investment, you are now entirely focused on the $300,000 and the fear of loss has shifted to the unhealthy thought that you stand to lose $300,000.

This entire process can happen very quickly, for well-trained and skilled conmen it can be a matter of minutes to pull all three triggers. While you still may take weeks or even months to write the check, you are doomed in the early process. The KEY is to RECOGNIZE the PROCESS!

This is where we provide the tools, material, training and concepts that will help you be consistently aware and able to recognize the efforts to launch the triggers.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Concern!