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In the climate of today’s financial environment, there exists a great deal of financial victimization. Many times the very professionals who are responsible for making the public aware and helping them with financial decisions are the very ones perpetrating victimization against the very people they should be serving. Of course I will submit that this represents a small minority of financial services professionals yet even that number creates a great deal of pain and financial misery.We presently live in the richest nation and society in the world. Many believe we are the wealthiest society in the world civilization history, of course that is open to debate. Yet, we at the same time have the highest rate of financial illiteracy in the world as well. This has led to a very specific condition which is 95% of all people reaching age 65 and older end up at best financially dependent. That means they are fully reliant on family, friends, social circles, agencies, organizations, churches and at the worst the US government for a portion of their financial needs. NO financial independence which usually equates to no independence.

Two of the greatest financial victimizations that contribute to this dilemma are AMORTIZATION and Credit illiteracy. These two work hand in hand and both have their foundation in financial literacy. Awareness of debt and how to use it properly is one major financial hurdle for all Americans.
The following is from Financial Services Education:

The Biggest Problem in America….Financial Illiteracy

Today, more than ever before, we live in uncertain economic times and the way we do business is changing rapidly. It’s evident that we as individuals must take complete control and responsibility for being better prepared to handle our personal credit rating, financial position and our family affairs. Unfortunately, as youngsters the majority of us were not provided the or essential tools to understand the importance of a credit score or how valuable that credit score would be to accomplish just about anything. At the same time, how many classes did we have on limiting and managing our debt or the significance of protecting our identity, assets and family? Concerning, isn’t it?

Did Your Know:
Over the course of your lifetime, having less than excellent credit can cost you upwards of $1,000,000 in substantially higher interest rates, fees and other unnecessary charges?

Currently, 4 of 5 credit reports have errors on them, causing lower credit scores?

Over 49 million people have a 599 credit score or lower?

Simply put it doesn’t have to be this way, there are solutions and those steps allow individuals to get on the pathway to financial independence. The average American household debt exceeds $225,000 and those same households have less than $500 in savings. The real cause is that debt represents dollars from future you, in the form of unearned income. The penalty on that debt is called interest and those interest payments are further loss of future dollars leaving future you with no dollars to put to work with compound interest. Thus you are compounding losses and the continuation exhausts the time you have to accumulate wealth. Thus debt reduction and the best credit record along with proper use of leverage through debt is how to become financially independent.

AT the Advocacy Network we have strategically aligned with Financial Education Services who has established the perfect solution. This is the FES protection plan which will be the foundation of building your financial independence.

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