The Damage of Compounding Losses

The depth of Financial Victimization includes scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. There is still a great and vast lack of consideration in the marketplace as to truths about financial victimization. It is truly the elephant in the room which is ignored by the public, the media, law enforcement and the financial services industry as a whole. In fact the financial services industry is totally disconnected by their own concepts that financial literacy should begin at home. If the financial services industry takes no responsibility for financial literacy education who exactly will?

So, the two most prevalent cause of financial victimization are lack of awareness and financial illiteracy. Until these two obstacles are overcome the numbers of victims will continue to grow each year. Presently all forms of financial victimization account for $250B+ in annual losses. That’s a GREAT deal of money being lost by mostly people who cannot afford such losses. It is also not a victimless crime and is quite often portrayed in media and entertainment. Suicide is very often a direct result of financial victimization. That is hardly victimless. There is a level of anger, shame, guilt and pain that is experienced by victims.

Yet, with all the illicit financial victimization there is another form that is totally legal and perpetrated against the average American. This financial victimization is known as AMORTIZATION. Every homeowner is a victim, as are automobile owners, student loans and credit cards. All are forms of amortized payments which are nothing other than the spending of future unearned dollars. This is much like the unfunded future liabilities of the government. Now, let’s be clear I’m not preaching against debt, in fact I believe debt or leverage is a tremendous financial tool. It allows us to create the lifestyle and life experience we enjoy in the present, by bringing forward dollars we have yet to earn. The cost for that is interest. Thus interest payments are also payments of future dollars and as such it is compounding losses. These future dollars paid in interest are never recovered and never used for your own personal wealth accumulation.

The best solution is to pay the least amount of interest possible. We all have to pay back some interest because that is the cost of debt, yet we certainly don’t have to pay as much interest as the banks, and other lenders target through amortization tables. In order to stop future losses which are compounded through amortization, you must have the mathematical ability to understand the best use of every dollar that passes through your household. By closing all the cracks and filling all the holes in your finances you have the opportunity to create future wealth of $1.5M or more. How would you like to have $1.5M or so when the 4th Qtr of life appears. Look, the odds are stacked against you. Why? Well, did you know that 95% of everyone who reaches 65 and older is either dead, dead broke or at best financially dependent on family, friends or at worse government. Only 5% attain financial independence.

If you truly wish to tilt the odds in your favor you need to rely on the Prospio Leveraged Banking system. This is the first step to achieving financial independence. Here at the Advocacy Network we have created the complete cycle of financial solutions which will get you into the 5%. Isn’t that worth your attention and 45 minutes of your time? Kindly watch this brief preview and then go to watch the testimonials to see how people just like you have enjoyed great benefits, then complete the calculator to get an idea of how much you and your family will benefit and then attend a webinar to learn exactly how the system works.

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Independence & Money

As we celebrate independence day it’s a great time to reflect upon the meaning of independence. Most would say freedom and independence are the same. That’s not even close, freedom is not independence, freedom is inferior to independence. Freedom simply is a sense of having the ability to come and go, mover freely through society. Independence is the individual freedom of action, freedom of creativity, freedom of financial lifestyle and life experience.

An individual can be free and still be dependent. Yet no individual can be truly independent and have any concern about freedom. An entrepreneurial spirit is independent. Fully self-reliant. It’s important to understand that self-reliance is not selfishness it’s the opposite. Self-reliance helps make an individual practice selflessness. A desire to create and produce for the welfare and betterment of society. The great gift our founding fathers provide us was true independence, that should never be confused with freedom.

Ok, so how does this relate to money. Well, freedom will not be in direct proportion to wealth creation. Independence on the other hand is directly proportionate to wealth creation. Independence is a state of mind which produces thought in the power of abundance. The independent person does not find themselves in a state of limitation. Your independence provides you with a clean canvas each day to paint your own success, that which you truly desire. Nothing can stop a burning desire that is correlated with personal integrity, honesty and strong moral compass. These are the traits that will manifest wealth and riches which are to be used. One of the great misunderstood principles is the law of cause and effect. Too many have determined that the ends justify the means and thus competition is a zero sum focus. Nothing could be further from the truth of cause and effect.

Your beliefs about money have been ingrained from your socialization, mostly this is learned and passed won within the family. Possibly you were taught that money is evil, or that money is scarce, worse yet money is only available for others. All of these beliefs directly impact your ability to create wealth for you and your family. This is usually reinforced by the thoughts of those things you wish to avoid. Whatever your thoughts create is what your environment and circumstances will look like. Presently you are the sum total of all your thoughts to date. This is the essence of independence. No one else is responsible or accountable to your circumstances, that ownership belongs to you. Many who have accepted freedom have denied true independence as they need security. Any sense of security causes dependence. Regardless of what you are dependent upon any such dependence limits your ability to enjoy the power of limitlessness. All limitations are personally inflicted. Sadly we all fall victim to our own sense of limitation. The really successful people are those who embrace independence with a comfort of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The growth of wisdom in this cause and effect develops the desire to help others through a sense of selflessness. The full circle then closes with wealth accumulation. Compensation is in direct proportion to the amount of service you provide. A sense of independence allows for you to embrace a continued level of service to others with the confidence that you will enjoy ever increasing compensation in direct proportion to the service you provide.

Hopefully you will gain a sense of awareness as to the difference between freedom and independence and how that difference will impact your ability to become financially independent.

PS enjoy a magnificent safe and happy 4th of July filled with Burgers, Apple Pie and Ice cream. All the staples of American Independence.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR ONLY Concern!