Counterfeiting is Illegal

Smart Decisions About Money

Part 2:

Yesterday we left off with the brief discussion of inflation and we pick up with that in mind today:

Consider how this works, when new currency is created value is transferred from existing dollars to the newly created dollars. The creators of the currency get the maximum purchasing power of the currency due to the fact that there was no cost to create the currency. Also the creator gets back the currency (which cost nothing to create) plus interest (more currency). So the banks (especially the Federal Reserve) grow richer while we grow poorer all due to the basic premise of counterfeiting.

Now, almost everyone in the country regardless of education or background knows that counterfeiting is illegal. But what most people are unaware of is how the legal counterfeiting has the exact same results as illegal counterfeiting. It is a way to steal wealth for the public. A bit of historical study and you will find that this cycle has been a regularly occurring event throughout world civilization and it has always ended with the same result which is economic destruction.

The most pressing need for the public is gaining the functional awareness of these basic economic principles because the transfer of wealth can be a positive for anyone who is paying particular attention to the cycles and events.

I see this financial victimization as more insidious then conmen and manipulative sales organizations because it is perpetrated as a fully acceptable daily economic exercise. People rely upon the government to provide economic and regulatory protection for the public, yet that reliance is given to an outrageous abuse of trust. No one likes to believe the reality that citizens are economically abused and victimized daily by the institution that garners our full faith and trust. I personally find it difficult to accept yet the history is clear and the existing manipulations are also very evident. So what should you do? How do you maximize the opportunity that exists on the reverse side of the manipulation? These are the questions you should be asking and the answers you should be seeking. Just understand and be aware that the answers will not be found in the mainstream as the financial news media, the financial publications and talking heads are all part of the systematic manipulation. Your answers will be found in contrary and counter intuitive thinking. It takes a combination of analytical and critical thinking. You must avoid being attracted to the normal conformity based thinking. That simply isn’t going to protect you from ongoing financial victimization.

In conclusion the vast majority of financial victimization is victim centric. By this I mean the unfortunate truth about scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics is that the victim is the unconscious perpetrator and can be inoculated and insulted through education, analysis and personal awareness of personal behaviors and biases toward money and financial issues. The tragic truth about governmental currency manipulation is that this is truly creating victims and that victimization touches every taxpayer in America.

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The Most Common Scams and Fraud

Smart Decisions About Money

Part 1

As a professional advocate who works to protect people against financial victimization I am often asked about the most pressing scams and fraud, and occasionally about predatory sales tactics and manipulations.

Certainly American citizens need protection against the myriad of risks that threaten their wealth. Unfortunately the average American citizen goes to work each day and is totally unaware of their own financial victimization which is perpetrated by our own government. This hopefully can serve as a primer to help everyone become aware of how the U.S. government has long been confiscating the wealth of its citizens.

The following is taken from Michael Maloney in his “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” and this is not a pitch for Gold and Silver or metals. I just find that Mr. Maloney has an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the history of money and currency and that is a mandatory awareness for economic survival in today’s global economy. The author has simply done a wonderful job of simplifying and summarizing a very complex subject, so as a beginning point here is his words:

I used to have a hard time trying to comprehend the world monetary system. Chances are you find the system a bit mystifying as well. Thankfully, an analogy came to me one day that helped me connect the dots. Picture a very large room. In this room are the heads of the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the rest of the world’s treasuries and central banks, all the world’s commercial banks, and a bunch of hot-shot Wall Street elites. Then picture them all frantically making out IOUs and passing them back and forth to each other as fast as they can. That’s the world’s monetary system.

Now the foundation for this system is a bond issued by a country’s Treasury, Ministry of Finance or whatever they call it in their country…for now we’re going to call it the government. These government bonds are the foundation of the world’s monetary system. Bonds basically say: “I owe you (IOU) X-amount of currency plus X-amount of interest.”

Many entities buy these government bonds. But when a country wants to create some currency, the government sells a bond to their central bank. The central bank writes a check against a zero balance in their checking account for however many dollars, euros, yen or whatever the government wants, and it buys the bond. The currency has now sprung into existence, and later can be used to redeem the bond. Therefore, the bond is an IOU for the currency. But since the currency is also a claim check to redeem the bond when it matures, the currency is an IOU for the bond. Get it? No, me neither. That’s because it’s crazy. If you or I did this, we’d be accused of fraud.

The point everyone needs to take from this is how the Federal Reserve creates currency from nothing, this is commonly referred to as counterfeiting. This is also how mortgages are created and the end result is more currency floods into the market place reducing the value of the already existing currency in the marketplace. This creates price increases which are commonly referred to as inflation. (Tomorrow we will present Part 2)

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Proper Due Diligence

Smart Decisions About Money

“Hope is a well-founded and confident belief that a specific vision (goal, desire, or promise) will be achieved or fulfilled within a specific amount of time.”

This quote is from Steven K. Scott in his bestselling “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived. King Solomon’s’ secrets to success, wealth, and happiness.

Our work at the Advocacy Network is to ensure that all our members are rich in hope. An advocate speaks for you and is only concerned with your best interest. When it comes to smart decisions with money you need an advocate. The advisors, agents, brokers and consultants are wonderful people and yet they have a pre-determined bias (commission driven for the most part), this bias is further promoted within the ranks of the given industry.

As a sales professional with over 35 years’ experience in the Financial Services, Real Estate and Sales training industries I have become acquainted with every technique there is. I respect and develop professional sales people who have chosen to raise above the manipulative sales technique driven processes that are still promoted within most of these industries.

While you can get your information from Business Week, Forbes, Money, Wall St Journal and other mainline publications you will not get the insider information that the Advocacy Network offers. Our sources come from leaders in these industries along with 100’s of industry publications and periodicals. These industry publications are written for the Sales professionals who look to provide services to YOU and handle YOUR money. We constantly educate you on the due diligence issues that you will never hear from a Sales Rep. Why would a sales rep disclose any negative information about their company? Our clients realize that they DO NOT have the time for proper and full due diligence in every decision they make about money.

In today’s ever changing economic climate information is more valuable than ever. The issue is not the information; it is the TIME to discovery the proper information. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an advocate that is working for you? All you need to do is ask the question and YOUR advocate gets the answer. How many sophisticated investors (smart people) have lost incredible amounts of money in investments that they believed were solid. Of course they did not have the time to complete proper due diligence so they usually rely on a friend, associate, trusted advisor etc.… Bernie Madoff relied on the naivety of those who would invest with a trusted advisor. Did the TRUSTED advisors complete any due diligence? The answer has to be NO. Shouldn’t a professional money manager be expected to complete proper due diligence? After all isn’t that really their main responsibility? The Financial markets are in upheaval and the most pressing issue has been a simple lack of due diligence. By having a simple arrangement with the Advocacy Network you will never have to be concerned with the proper information, we look deep to the inside of the industries. We expose any “looks too good to be true” opportunities; we are on the prowl and can quickly give you the information necessary for you to make a smart decision with money. We do not deal in “recommendations, advice or persuasive techniques. We deal in the whole TRUTH and nothing but the truth. We are a watchdog.

You can rely on us to provide the realities about insurance products, financial investment vehicles, real estate opportunities and also serve as a professional buffer between you and the sales industry. Look, in the end you need to find solutions from Sales professionals and most in the Sales industry are people of integrity. You biggest threat is not a dishonest or poor integrity based sales person, NO YOUR biggest threat is an INCOMPETENT Sales person. The Incompetence steals your greatest asset which is TIME. You can recover monetary losses (painful, yes), many millionaires have gone back to ZERO and re-established their wealth. The process is repeatable. The TIME is precious never to be recovered. Our clients get to use their time wisely and efficiently. We give you the FULL value of YOUR TIME, which is priceless.

So, you benefit in the Advocacy Network by having a watchdog to go to. You will receive the benefit of the INSIDER information in the financial industries. You will gain truth in all your potential decisions with money. Our goal is to simply allow you to make smart decisions with money and gain the peace of mind that goes along with competent decisions. Can we eliminate all mistakes? No one can, yet we eliminate the mistakes that come with NO, POOR or MISLEADING information. You can feel comfortable that you have a safe harbor in all your decisions about money because you have an advocate working for you.

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Proactive Protection Against Financial Victimization

Smart Decisions about Money

The foundation of the Advocacy Network is that of proactive protection against financial victimization. This blog is for the benefit of those who seek to be fully inoculated and insulated against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. The key to unlocking your safety is education and knowledge. Unfortunately, the plight of the financial victim is basic lack of knowledge and awareness of their own personal biases. This is what is commonly referred to as a blind spot.

Here at Advocacy we want to help our members gain peripheral and ambient vision which will assure they can see clearly while also learning a personal process to make smart decisions about money. It is more difficult than ever to make smart decisions about money. There is an inordinate amount of white noise which dramatically interrupts the financial decision making process. Add to this a skepticism that grows to almost paranoia levels and you have an environment that is ripe for sales manipulators, conmen and fraudsters. Here are some of the numbers:

  • $40-50B: Amount of reported financial losses annually.
  • 17%: reported losses (Means 83% or more is unreported)
  • $0, Zero, Nada, and Nilch: Amount of losses reported from predatory sales tactics.
  • $150B+: Real amount of annual losses when one takes into consideration unreported fraud losses and predatory sales losses.

The bottom line is financial victimization is the greatest financial threat we face. Yet there was no proactive service to protect the public from financial victimization until the Advocacy Network. Sadly the level of financial literacy in American is exceptionally low. The reason is that the education system is not built to teach financial literacy. It is not in the best interest of the U.S government to have a citizenry who were highly financially literate as that would make the financial manipulations very difficult to perpetrate on a fully knowledgeable population. (But I digress, this is a story line for a future date).

We will take a journey on roads paved with financial literacy, personal financial behaviors, personal obstacles within the mental perspectives on money, currency and other key economic factors. I personally appreciate the Socratic methodology so together we learn from one another and broaden our perspectives.

Membership in the Advocacy Network will open up a new financial world in which you will have a renewed and exciting awareness of how to make consistently smart decisions about money and inoculate and insulate yourself and your family from all forms of financial victimization. This journey will prepare you to take full control over every aspect of your financial life and in essence develop a DIY (do it yourself) process. After all it is your money and you work hard to provide the financial well-being and future security for your family.

The financial situations everyone faces are daily living, personal and family security, wealth accumulation, retirement, wealth distribution, succession planning, financial planning, budgeting, debt strategies and many other concerns. We will cover all of these with you and can even provide a personal advocate who will work with you and the family in the role of a professional financial concierge. In this role as an advocate you have a personal relationship that is established to help you in all your financial strategic planning. An advocate is not a sales professional who is simply seeking to peddle products or services, the advocate is a totally independent and objective 3rd party with no conflicts of interest, personal bias or hidden agendas. Our promise to you is and will always be:

Your Best Interest is Our Only Concern!