12 Days of Advocacy

As promised I want to provide you with 12 days of Advocacy. There is no better time of year to provide a random act of kindness. This holiday season provides a double edged sword. First edge works to provide magically grace and mercy which many, many, many people share with one another. This gratitude makes people feel an emotional connection which unfortunately brings us to the second edge of the sword. It is during this time of the year that scams, fraud and predatory sales manipulations become very common. The very behaviors and sense of commonality that lights up the season as a great time of camaraderie also makes people very susceptible to financial victimization.

With that in mind I am going to share some members only information, insider material that is usually only available to members. This is a gift for the holidays and it also extends our commitment to stopping all forms of financial victimization.

The first day’s gift is a goose that lays golden eggs. The goose represents the financial offering that is commonly the hook for all types of  financial victimization. Have you ever been offered the goose? Think long and hard on this. The goose is the intellectual property that often is a special money maker. An example of a goose is a trading program with a special algorithm. Imagine you can get this program and turn a couple of $100 per day into a couple of thousand. You have received this offer many times either in a direct sale TV offer, and email, website with click in or direct mail. And it always has the same magnetic impact on your senses. The thought of easily money or get rich quick is a tremendous hook. It is also one of the most common approaches used by scammers, fraudsters and sales manipulators. This type of scam is totally legal, the only type of illegal activity can come in false advertising or over zealous promotions. The real danger though is a very simple concept and can easily be overcome 100% of the time.

The goose that lays the eggs is PRICELESS, after all without the goose there are no eggs. But we can easily miss this very common reality. We get caught up in the attraction to immediate gain without any deeper thought about true value. When you stop to consider the real value you immediate realize the goose is priceless (in this case the trading algorithm if real would be priceless, why would you sell an algorithm that could make so much money for you each day? You would simply keep the algorithm, invest your own dollars and make a mint!) Once you stop and consider this you realize that buying the goose would be a financial victimization.

So the simple rule for your own personal protection is whenever you are approached with a financial offer look for the goose and then if you are being attracted to/with/by the goose you are being scammed:

  1. Never BUY the GOOSE.

YOUR Best Interest IS OUR Only Concern!